Worx WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Worx WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

With the tremendous inventions and innovations in the manufacturing industry, it has become a nightmare to determine which the ultimate item is worth. Worse, with the sleepless nights and the intense working hours you had to bear, you can’t risk settling for less.

It will be my fulfilled joy to help you determine if the Worx WG775 cordless mower is fit for you.

For a quick shot, if you need a cordless mower with a fast cutting rate, extended run time, and that cuts anything on its way, this item might be what you are looking for.

Can we get started now on its pros, cons and features?

Good points

  • Cordless hence no limitations on the cutting range
  • It can cut up to 6000sq ft in a single charge
  • You can remove and charge the battery separately
  • Its start button responds instantly
  • The grass bag capacity is enormous for extended mowing sessions


  • As a result of its small size, it will take longer to move around the lawn
  • It doesn’t have a height adjustment feature

Worx WG775 Cordless Lawn Mower Features

3-in-1 mower

The lawn maintenance needs keep changing from mowing, bagging and even mulching.  And all you need is a beautiful lawn to gaze at. Does it mean you will have to purchase three different devices for those three maintenance needs?

That could be true; however, you are good with the existence of the Worx WG775 mower.

In other words, I mean, this device has three functionalities. Hence you need only to purchase it for the three functionalities.

Reliable battery system

The key reason why most people consider gas-powered lawnmowers over battery powered mowers at the expense of huge budgets and extreme noise is their continuous use. For the battery-powered mowers, you might be needed to take unplanned breaks to have the battery charge.

Fortunately, this specific mower is a gift to anyone who is not ready to bear the extreme noise and bank-breaking budgets from gas-powered mowers.

It is as a result of its incredible battery system. With a 24v battery, you can be sure to cut over 30 minutes continuously.

The best part?

It is the removable battery that can be charged separately from the mower. Thus, you can acquire at least two batteries such that you can use one while the other is charging then later charge.

Meaning, you got an affordable, less noisy and mower without length restrictions, as is the case with corded mowers.

Seamless operations

How would you feel with a mower that takes forever to start? Worse, that is almost impossible to push? Disappointed, I know.

You don’t have to frown, smile for with this incredibly constructed multipurpose mower, you are safe.

It has a push starting button that powers the tool instantly. Hence no waiting time for it to power.

Addedly, it has the best motions due to its lightweight nature and yet the fantastic wheels bearings. Meaning, you will apply very minimal force while using it.

Ergonomically shaped handle

Additionally, the handle has everything in place to reduce body strain.

That is due to the ergonomic design of the handle that positions it strategically for faster and less straining accessibility.

Yet, the handle cushioning is of a high density to make it comfier than ever.

14” deck

Is your lawn likely to have very hard to maneuver paths? I can relate to your struggles, though this tremendous specific mower will help solve everything.

It has a small deck size to get to the almost impossible areas quickly. Actually, it is nicknamed a lawn for a hard to move lawns.

Further, due to its lightweight body, you have greater control over its motions.

Worx WG775 Lawn Mower Benefits

There are quite many reasons why you will forever be thankful for your decision to acquire this lawn.  For example, it has a runtime of over 30 minutes. Besides, its battery can be charged separately. Thus with two batteries, you can mow continuously.

Moreover, it is such a powerful tool with maximum efficiency for excellent outputs. Similarly, it is a 3-in1 device for mowing, mulching and bagging purposes.

Frequently asked questions

How far can this mower mow in a single charge?

In a single charge, you can mow up to 6000square feet. However, the battery is also removable such that you can charge separately. So, you can consider purchasing two batteries if you need continuous lengthy mowing sessions

Can this mower be used for mulching?

A; this is a 3-in-1 device. Therefore, it can be used for mowing, mulching and even bagging. Mind you, all three functionalities have an incredible performance.

What is the size of its deck?

I suspect that you want to know if this mower is suitable for a hard-to maneuver yard. It has a 14” cutting deck hence very compact to move on hard-to-move yards.

Final Words on Worx WG775  Mower

The Worx WG775 mower is recommendable to you if you need an excellently performing device with the simplest operations.

It has a very high torque that validates its high performance. Still, it is a multipurpose device. Thus, besides the cutting functionality, it can be used for mulching and bagging.

Moving to its operations, there is the start button, which responds instantly. Also, it is a very lightweight mower with the most seamless motions. Hence, you will use lesser energy while pushing it.

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