Where to Buy Sod

Having a sod is always an advantage as it will allow you to have a charming lawn fast. The sod offers you to get immediate grass and eye-pleased wealth. That’s why it is better to purchase sod.

In this article, I will talk about where you can buy sod and some other essential information regarding this.

Before Purchasing Sod

However, before moving into purchasing the sod, there is some important thing you need to know. This includes selecting the best sod and site preparation.

Selecting an ideal sod:

Well, if you have some grass in your yard, then keep in mind that you are purchasing sod of the same species according to your grass. You need to go for the sod which will easily blend with the existing grasses.

But, if you are not sure about the grass species you have, then you have to find the species that is compatible with your region and weather condition. After finding out all these things, you will find it is much easier to cut down your options like the sod type you need to buy.

However, you will find a few sods suppliers for helping you out. You can take an iconic piece of your lawn to their sales co-operator for having a look. Then will tell you everything like the grass species. They will guide you while ordering the sod that is the same as your lawn.

In summary, you need to consider the following points:

  • Your climate condition. Is your climate cold or warm? Most of the sod prefer cold conditions, whereas some prefer warm.
  • Soil condition whether it is sandy, clay or between them. Because the heavy clay soil demands more disease-resistant grass and thrives in wet soil. Again, the sandy soil will ask for drought-tolerant grass that has deep roots.
  • The amount of shade or sun your property will get. Because, some grasses grow well in sun, whereas some in shade. You will find some grass that will grow well in both.
  • Do you have a proper irrigation system? Some sod may ask you for more water and you have to provide it in case of need.
  • The amount of foot traffic your lawn will get. You may know that some grasses look wonderful. But, it does not have the ability to hold heavy traffic from kids or from your companion that has four-legged.

Where to Buy Sod

Well, you can purchase sod through box stores and the main garden centers near you. Usually, the lawn is not supposed to be in their stock. Take a hard pass on the pallet that is baking under the sun for a week. They have a good relationship with the native firms and will be able to arrange delivery for you.

Ways for Saving Money While Purchasing Sod

While ordering sod for you, you will be able to save up some money. In general, there are two ways following which you can save money while purchasing. The ways are:

Picking up the sod by yourself:

If you own a vehicle that is large enough for transporting your sod, then you will be able to save the shipping fee. In many cases, you will be asked to pay a reasonable fee for shipping your sod. It’s an option for you actually for saving money.

Ordering online:

Well, ordering online is also an option following which you can save some money. For ordering online, you have to discover a sod firm located in your locality and can cut the sod, load and deliver fast. Thus, you will be able to get high-quality and fresh sod.

While ordering online, you should make a comparison of direct-to-customer websites with the local firm. If you find the price is high, then talk with them about it. They will match the price.

Preparing for delivery:

Once you have ordered sod for yourself. Now, you should make your yard prepared for your sod. That’s why it is important to know the exact date when your sod will arrive. You should take the installation preparation accordingly. If you think it will take time to install the sod, then make sure that your sod is being stored in a shed or garage. You need to keep it moist.

Without it, if your lawn has some grass, then you should cut them at first using the lowest setting on your mower. After cutting down the grass, remove all the large rocks and till the soil to a depth of about six inches. Moreover, you can add some fertilizer such as Bio-tone which will help your lawn’s roots to grow deep.

The Best Time for Purchasing and Laying Sod

In general, the most perfect time for laying down your sod is early fall or early fall. This season will be the best for establishing your sod.

Now that you know how, when and where to buy sod, your lawn is going to look amazing!

Where to Buy Sod

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