What To Do After Aerating Lawn

Aerating is one of the fundamental lawn care activities you need to do if you want to have a beautiful lawn. Poking the soil in order to create tiny holes so that it is exposed to air and water circulation. The holes will allow nutrients to enter the soil too.

Aerating is a good lawn activity because it results in water, air and nutrients go deep into the grass-roots. It also helps to reduce the amount of compaction of the soil. It will help the roots to grow deep and to grow strong, which ultimately will result in a healthy lawn.

Now, after Aerating is done you still need to look out for some things and do some maintenance work. So, if you want to know about the things you need to do after performing aeration in your lawn, then this is the right place.

I am going to discuss some key topics you should keep in mind and some important work you should do after aerating your lawn.

How To Care For Your Lawn After Aeration

1# Ignore The Holes

Aerating will leave some tiny holes around your lawn. Just ignore them for a few weeks as they will eventually disappear when new grass-roots grow. You won’t have to do a thing to solve the tiny holes or core plugs situation.

2# Apply Some Fertilizer

The roots of the grass will need nutrients to grow fast, so apply some fertilizer to provide them the nutrients they need. The fertilizer will also give strength to the roots to fight the heat of summer. As the roots of the grass will be healthy after applying fertilizer, they’ll grow thick and it will prevent weeds to grow.

3# Water is Very Important

After aerating, you have to water the whole lawn heavily. Applying heavy water infrequently raises the chance of the grass growing deeper roots. This will also make your lawn tolerant to dry season and make them stronger.

4# Reseed The Lawn

Right after aerating, you need to reseed your lawn. You need to plant thinning grass. The seeds will eventually come into touch with the soil plugs, then will move to the non-compacted soil. It is a good idea to over-seed your lawn after the aeration.

5# Avoid The Grass

It is highly recommended that you keep yourself off the grass on the first few weeks after the reseeding. It will give them time to germinate themselves and have enhanced growth.

6# Limit Watering

The new grass will be around 2 inches tall on the first month of reseeding. At that time, you won’t have to water them much. Just keep the watering schedule once in a day.

7# Avoid Cutting

If you want a lawn with tall grass that looks amazing, you have to restrain yourself from cutting them. You can only cut them if they are more than 3.5 inches tall. That way the roots will go deeper and will establish very fast.

8# Dirt and Sod Situation

The aerating process will leave some dirt and sod on your lawn. But that’s not a problem you should be troubling yourself with. That dirt and holes will eventually disappear over time.

9# Lawn Mowing

You can mow your lawn only when the core of the soil is completely dry. Get rid of the catcher before starting mowing as it can break the soil’s core. You should keep more than two-third of the grass leaf and cut the rest.

Lawn aerating is a good way to redecorate your lawn and make it even more beautiful. It is also a simple process so won’t take a whole lot of your time. The points I mentioned above, you should follow them after Aerating if you don’t want any unexpected results. And if it was helpful to you in any way, feel free to browse our other blogs and you might find something interesting there too.

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