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What is a Self Propelled Lawn Mower

A self-propelled lawn mower is a type of lawn mower that uses a motor to move forwards on its own, making it easier to push than a traditional manual lawn mower. Self-propelled lawn mowers can either be powered by gasoline or electricity, and often come with features like adjustable speed settings and mulching capabilities.

Self-propelled lawn mowers can make mowing your lawn a much easier task, particularly if you have a large lawn or one with hills or slopes. While they do require some initial set-up and maintenance, self-propelled lawn mowers can save you time and energy in the long run.


The traditional lawn mower we are all familiar with is operated with so much energy and sweat. Literally, your effort is almost equivalent to that of the mower itself.

A self propelled lawn mower is a vehicle-like mower that works on a drive system. It requires the operator to squeeze a bar called a “bail” on the handle to engage the mower after which the mower moves forward on its own.

So, a self propelled lawn mower only requires a little operating service from the user before it starts working all by itself.

Thinking of getting a new lawn mower? Follow these simple tips, they will be of immense help when choosing a self propelled lawn mower. They will guide you to get the best and suitable one for your yard, your terrain and that will suit your needs.

Front -Wheel vs Rear-Wheel Drive

A front wheel mower is less expensive than the rear wheel drive wheels. To operate a front wheel mower, the wheels need to first of all, be firmly planted on the ground. When you are using a front wheel mower, be careful how you turn the mower, when the wheel bounces up off the turf.

Rear wheels drive on the other hand are more expensive and effective than front wheel ones.

They are well grounded, providing exceptional traction control and handling. If you need to track the grasses up a sloppy terrain down, a lawn mower with a rear wheel drive will be the best option.

If you need that extra effort to climb that steep hill, rear wheel mowers will do an excellent job.

Variable Speed

Adjustability is one thing you should also consider before you choose a lawn mower. While some come with a fixed speed rate you can’t exceed by the manufacturer, some of them come with adjustable speed that can allow you move faster or slower, depending on the condition of the lawn or your own discretion of how you want to get the job done.

A self propelled lawn mower with a non-adjustable speed might not give you an even cut when mowing. It may be too fast to cut tall or thick grasses or mulch clippings very well.

Recoil or an Electric Start

Your mower has two ways to power on. It’s either you use the recoil method or the electric type.

Recoil lawn mowers are the traditional mowers and the pull-rope style that requires you yanking a cord before the machine comes to life.

After you pull the rope, a signal is sent to the spark plug which later alerts the fuel in the ignition to jerk back to life.

The electric startup on the other hand only requires a push of a button or a pull of the key for it to come up. No yanking of rope is involved here.

If you love the rope pulling and see it as a form of exercise and find it exciting, you might just want to stick to recoil lawn mowers. But if you are like me, and you find pulling the cords stressful and tiring, then electric mowers are just for you.

Blade Override

This is an important factor that also needs to be considered before choosing a lawn mower. Some mowers are designed to automatically turn off themselves anytime you mistakenly let go off the bail or when not in active use.

Bend down to remove sticks, foreign debris, and rock, the mower is off. Pick a weed, it’s turned off before you raise your head. This can be annoying and delaying.

Basically, blade overrides are designed to work faster, but more importantly, they will keep your engine from spinning when not in active use but it won’t need to be re-started. It’s also preferable because it will extend the lifespan of the machine.


Most self propelled lawn mowers are designed to steer straight. Sometimes, you might need to make a turn or a sharp bend, dodging some precious flowers you don’t want to mow with the weeds.

Swivel front wheels are designed by manufacturers for better maneuverability and mobility.

You can always enjoy using a self propelled lawn mower to get your household mowing done. It is easy, convenient and fast. You get to conserve a lot of energy afterward, just because the hard labor is on the mower.

You must learn using a self propelled lawn mower to get the best benefit from it.

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