What To Do If Too Much Oil in Lawn Mower

As a gardener, you must want to keep your gardening related tools safe from any unexpected incidents. It’s common for people to take care of the things that they care about. In the gardening sector, a lawn mower is one of the most used and effective pieces of machine. It does an amazing trimming job within very little effort.

Now it’s obvious that everyone would want to keep this amazing machine in healthy state. So, they always take care of it. They keep their focus on every major thing to do in order to keep it safe but sometimes some minor tips miss their attention. Like, putting more oil than needed in the mower. Many people might think that it’s not that much of a problem, but you shouldn’t.

If you are still on their team then you need to say goodbye and pay attention to these small things. Now if you do it by mistake then you should have a sound knowledge about what to do next. This article is about what problem can excess oil create and how to prevent it.

What Problem Can it Cause

Well, first of all, too much oil means that there is some overflow. Now that overflow will make sure that there are traces of oil in some parts of the machine where it doesn’t belong. Like, an oil-based machine has some parts that are supposed to get in touch of oil and some parts are meant to be kept dry forever. Now if you use an excessive amount of oil then it will obviously create some problem in those dry parts. The problems can be something like:

  • Overheating
  • Creating smoke
  • Make the mower stall
  • Damage some parts badly

Besides those problems, it can permanently damage your lawn mower engine. So much to pay for so little mistake.

What To Do If it Happens

Now how will you know that there is an excessive amount of oil in your mower engine? Well, the answer is simple. It will leak oil and the oil will be dripping all over it. And as I said earlier, it will create smoke around the engine. These signs indicate that you should worry about the engine. The main thing to do when this incident occurs is to get rid of the excess oil. In fact, you should remove all oil from the oil tube and clean the traces of oil from those parts where it doesn’t belong.

If you are able to do it on your own then do it, otherwise, call for some help. A professional can also look at other possible damaged parts in the engine.

How to DIY (Do it Yourself)

Calling for professional help will cost you some money. So, if you are short on cash or are looking for some fun thing to do then playing with your engine can be a great shout. It’ll help you gather some experience and maybe you’ll discover a thing or two along the way.

So, if you decided to do it on your own, then this section is for you. It’s not that much of a difficult task. First, clean the crankcase with a wiper to make sure nothing dirty from the outside visits the inside. It will also make sure that the carburetor doesn’t get blocked due to some unwanted dirt. Now carefully remove the oil tank and make sure to remove the oil causing the problem and be extra careful not to drop it on the engine again. After that, you can change the oil filter if you like or can just put it back together.

How To Know The Right Amount

Knowing the right amount of fuel is a must for every machinery available. Many of us don’t know how much oil to put on the engine, we just take our best guess at it. But considering the damage, it can cause you should avoid doing that. And maybe don’t take advice from a friend who also owns a mower because the amount of oil needed for engines varies on the brand of the machine.

So just read the user manual that comes with the lawn mower as it’s the safest approach for you and your machine. It contains everything you need to know about your engine. Just read it thoroughly and follow them every time.

Putting the right amount of fuel in any type of engine ensures a long life for the machine. Oil in the machine is used for lubrication of some parts and for providing power to run the engine. So, using the right amount of oil means full efficiency of the machine which means you’ll get the perfect outcome you can hope for from a machine. So, you should neither use less fuel than needed nor more. Try to be accurate in this matter.

If you made it through the read, then I hope you have learned a thing or two today and if you did then this article is successful. Enjoy your problem-free life and keep your lawn nice and beautiful as it’s supposed to be.

Happy Gardening!

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