Sun Joe MJ403E Review- Everything You Should Know

The brand Sun Joe has influenced industries that manufacture outdoor products with their top-notch and well-built lawn mowers that make mowing more exciting and effective.

Alright, let’s get down to business and review one of the brand’s best-selling mower- the Sun Joe MJ403E mower.

Everywhere on the Internet, the Sun Joe MJ403E mower has gotten some good rankings by users, so let’s find out the reason behind such a reputation. Are you ready?

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 Sun Joe MJ403E Review


  • Have 17 inches cutting width, which is reasonable for its price point
  • It is easily adjustable and comfortable to maneuver
  • The mower is extremely quiet and has a solid construction.
  • Safe around the house because it cannot be powered accidentally due to a safety button
  • Has easy assembly


  • The handle is in a fixed position which means you have to turn the mower around for the next path
  • Plastic cover and shroud which may not last a long time
  • It’s self-propelled, although it is lightweight and can be easily maneuvered
  • Its design and use can be very confusing
  • Bag sags when it gets full and cause the Sun Joe MJ403E mower to tip upward

Features of the Sun Joe MJ403E mower

If you would be considering buying the Sun Joe MJ403E mower, then you will need to know all about its features. Keep reading to find out.

7 position height control

The Sun Joe MJ403E mower has 7 different cutting height levels for your lawn. What does this mean?

Depending on your preference, you can tailor the height of your lawn while mowing. Here’s a little catch. The grass cutting height of this mower ranges from 0.98 inches to 2.87 inches.

17 inches cutting width

An electric mower with a 17 inches cutting width that does not allow you to break the bank is a jackpot.

In a single pass, the Sun Joe MJ403E mower would cover a width of 17 inches and leave for you a groomed and healthy lawn.

Instant start

The push of a button is all you need to start the Sun Joe MJ403E mower. Sounds good?

It’s an electric mower that requires no oil or gas.

13 amp motor

Also, the Sun Joe MJ403E mower has a 13 amp motor that’s effective for a yard size between the range of 1/4 acre to 1/2 acre.

Here’s the best part. The Sun Joe MJ403E mower motor has a no load speed of 3500 rpm.

Fact- The Sun Joe MJ403E mower had both a mowing and mulching function.

Yes, the 13 amp motor is strong enough to allow for the double functions.

Mulch plug and removable bag

Users of this mower have been able to mulch easily thanks to the mulch plug and the removable bag featured in the Sun Joe MJ403E mower.

Mow your lawn and dispose of the chippings using the removable grass collector. It’s that simple.

31.5 lbs weight

It weighs 31.5 lbs, which is light enough for a high performing lawn mower.

Fun fact: You can use just one hand to maneuver the Sun Joe MJ403E mower.

Front and rear wheels

To support the 31.5 lbs weight of the Sun Joe MJ403E mower, the manufacturers ensured well-balanced and sturdy front and rear wheels.

These wheels also enhance the maneuverability of the Sun Joe MJ403E mower as its journeys through your lawn.

Why should you buy the Sun Joe MJ403E mower?

We must let you know the benefits you would get when you buy the Sun Joe MJ403E mower.

It is with solid construction and specially designed to make mowing enticing.

The removable grass collector helps collect all the wastes so you can quickly get rid of them. The point is that after mowing, your lawn is free of chippings and have the best look.

With the 7 different cutting positions, you are the master of your lawn as you dictate what cutting height you want for the mowing.

The reviews from those who have bought the Sun Joe MJ403E mower shows that it’s easy to assemble and maneuver, not to mention its great performance in a single pass.

So, you would be enjoying all of these benefits and even more for as long as the Sun Joe MJ403E mower remains in good working condition.


Q) How do I power on the Sun Joe MJ403E mower?
A) Quite simple. There’s a power button on the Sun Joe MJ403E mower, so just give it a push and the mower would kick off and get down to work.

Q) Does it come with a grass collector bag?
A) Yes. A removable grass collector bag is provided for easy disposal.

Q) Can I use the Sun Joe MJ403E mower on Bermuda grass?
A) Although Bermuda grass is always a tough nut to crack, slowly and carefully, the Sun Joe MJ403E mower would work fine on Bermuda grasses.

Q) Does the Sun Joe MJ403E mower has a warranty?
A) Yes. There’s a two years manufacturer’s warranty for the Sun Joe MJ403E mower against artistry or defects in materials.

Q) How can I store the Sun Joe MJ403E mower?
A) Because the Sun Joe MJ403E mower is so light, you can easily pick it up to your garage or store shed. The removable handlebars also make it compact and easy to store.

Final thoughts

The Sun Joe MJ403E mower, with its easy assembly, maneuverability, and World-class construction, is a great mower for those who want to maintain the value of their lawn and still not disturb the neighbors.

Bear in mind that the Sun Joe MJ403E mower is an electric mower that demands a charge as you mow technique and should also be kept out of danger.

So, if you’re looking for an easy lawn, clean up, and free of pollution, you should not hesitate to buy this lawnmower.

To sum up, the Sun Joe MJ403E mower is an economical lawnmower that delivers precisely what it promises. So give it a go.

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