Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S review

I’d lay money that you’re yet to seize a quality hand mower on a low budget. In this article review, you will find the features of the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S. I’ve as well put together a number of trump cards and defects of the Scotts lawnmower.

Whether you would be using this mower to cut your lawn yourself or hire a handyman to do the job for you, you should have full knowledge of what you want to buy. So, find out more from this review.

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 Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 2000-20S Review


  • A noise free mower that allows you to work at any time of the day
  • It is lightweight
  • Assembling is easy and quick
  • The cutting height is easy to adjust
  • It’s a cheap mower and still lasts a lifetime
  • Can be used as a workout tool for those who desire to burn calories


  • Cannot be used for large lawns because you have to run over a spot a couple of times to get the result
  • Parts may fall off during mowing and require you putting them back on.
  • Takes a lot of effort cutting the grass at a right angle

Features of Scotts Outdoor Power mower

Let me show you the features of this mower.

20 inches cutting width

Tell it to any lawn expert and you will know that a 20 inches cutting width mower is a jackpot, not to mention that it comes on a low budget.

Honestly, the Scotts Outdoor Power mower is the only handy mower you would find with such a high cutting width.

This mower saves you more time and energy due to its high cutting width. Additionally, this feature helps to protect and maintain the condition of your lawn by cutting grass effectively and not rip off their blades.

Easy to assembly

When it’s time for assembling, you don’t need gasoline or oil by your side as most handy mower does.

Here’s the most interesting part. Its assembly is without the use of a tool. Yes, you heard that—no chisel, no spanners, no screwdrivers, etc.

It’s a self-powered mower and works like one of those heavy-duty mowers.

Easy and quick height adjusters

Certainly, a good mower should allow you to cut your grass to the height you desire. And that’s what the Scotts Outdoor Power mower offers you.

It has height adjusters that are located close to the rear wheels. And the best part is that these height adjusters are quick and easy to use.

Within a twinkle of an eye, you can adjust your cutting height between the 1 inches to 3 inches cutting height range.

Precision blade technology and ball bearing reel

Surprisingly enough, the Scotts Outdoor Power mower has a 5- blade reel, and each is made from hot heated steel, which makes them stay sharp for a longer time.

But, here’s the gist. These blades would give you the precise cut you want, and believe me; the cuts are fine and clean.

It would take you an extra effort to convince your neighbors that you didn’t do that with a pair of scissors.

Also, there are smooth ball bearings responsible for the effective spinning of your mower blades.

Dual wheel tracking

Needless to say this again. The Scotts Outdoor Power mower is a manual mower and requires no gas for operations. Let’s simply put it this way; it’s a hand push rotary mower.

But I’m jumping ahead to the dual wheel tracking feature in the Scotts Outdoor Power mower.

Scotts does not want you to use up much energy and time while cutting your lawn, thus the need to add this feature to the Scotts Outdoor Power mower.

With the two 10 inches composite wheel having two radial tires and the two 6 inches tracking wheel, all you have to do is push this mower over your landscape. Dragging the Scotts Outdoor Power mower even on the most challenging terrain is out of question.

If you are worrying that your palms will ache you owing to this mower, you must be joking. Because the Scotts Outdoor Power mower handle comes with a foam grip and you can be sure of comfort and great support.

Above all, this feature contributes to the easy maneuverability of this mower. Remember that is a no motor mower, and it’s lightweight enough for you to maneuver.

Why buy a Scotts Outdoor Power mower?

For someone who’s entirely against noise and still wants to maintain the aesthetic value of his lawn, this is your go-to mower.

And, if you are someone who wants to keep fit and at the same time get something doing for your lawn, I’ll recommend this mower for you. Believe it or not, this mower can be the workout tool that will help you burn calories and deal with high blood pressure.


Q) What’s in the Scotts Outdoor Power mower box?
A) Buying a Scotts Outdoor Power mower? Here’s what to expect. A Scotts Outdoor Power push reel lawnmower, composite wheels and handles

Q) What’s the weight of the Scotts Outdoor Power mower?
A) It only weighs 2.2 pounds

Q) How does the Scotts Outdoor Power lawnmower works?
A) Contrary to the fluid tearing mechanism most gas powered mowers operate, the Scotts Outdoor Power mower snips the grass and cut each blade carefully like a scissor leaving your grass lawn healthy and resistant to diseases.

The bottom line

You won’t only be using an effective lawnmower, but an economical lawnmower. It’s a mower you wouldn’t need to buy gas for or go borrow a tool to assembly it.

The Scotts Outdoor Power mower makes it convenient for you to cut your lawn in an old-fashioned way. The point is this. You do not have to rely on heavy lawnmowers that can destroy your lawn terrain, cause noise pollution as well as challenging to operate.

You asked for it and I’ve given you the best and inexpensive mower of all time.

We await your feedback!

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