Ryobi RY48111 Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Review

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly riding lawn motor that is equipped with all the essential features, this will be a dream come true. Unlike conventional lawnmowers, it produces impressive results for a long time on a single charge.

The Good 

  • Quiet operation and low maintenance
  • 2 Wide blades
  • Mower deck height can be adjusted
  • Battery-powered, so no pollutants are released
  • Cruise control
  • USB charging port for charging devices

The Bad

  • Suspension is rough on a bumpy lawn
  • No smart charge option available
  • Blade switch and reverse close together
  • Not preferable for lawns larger than 2 acres

Ryobi RY48111 Review

The Ryobi RY4811 electric lawnmower is powered by 100 Ah lead-acid batteries, which cracks up its cutting capacity to 2.5 hours after being charged. It is a useful machine for huge yards as the 70 dB power allows a 38-inch wide cutting deck.

Whether you go on steep slopes or a level surface, it performs equally well and ensures maximum comfort for the user. Although it might leave track marks on soft grounds, that is definitely not a deal-breaker. Also, it is well-suited for both entry-level beginners and experts.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions – 63 x 46 x 38.5 inches
  • Battery – 100 amp hour
  • Weight – 595 pounds
  • Deck Size – 38 inches, 2 blade deck
  • Steering – Wheels
  • Runtime – 2.5 hours
  • Cutting Height – 12 positions

Key Features

Ride and Cut Quality

You can adjust the cutting heights of the 38-inch dual blades in 12 different ways, from 4.5 inches to 1.5 inches in order to cut as much or less volume of grass as you see fit. The steel blades and brushless motors ensure precise cuts.

Furthermore, it boasts a comfortable seat with dual springs that can be adjusted according to the rider’s height. There is a battery level indicator to warn you when the mower is running low on charge and an hour meter to track time spent on mowing.

Speed of the Lawnmower

Without the blades, its top speed is 8-mph, but if you include it, then the capacity drops to a standard 5-mph. During reverse motion, it has a decent 3-mph speed. In addition, the cruise control feature is ideally suited for flat surfaces with no obstacles.

Ease of Use

With the amazing speed and cutting options, you can put the lawnmower to use during any weather conditions. You can have a higher cutting height in summer; the moisture will be retained. In rainy seasons, decrease the cutting deck; grass growth will be boosted.

Moreover, the mower can be maneuvered easily in a slope inclination of 10 to 15 percent.

Sound Production

If you want a quiet operation, the good news for you is that it creates lesser noise than its substitutes; this is due to the three brushless motors mounted in the rear engine, which can be adjusted manually to change cutting heights.


Another highlight is the low-maintenance nature of this lawnmower. The unit does not leave a huge mess after you’re done mowing. There isn’t a built-in charging option, but don’t worry; any standard outlet can be used to recharge the batteries for a few hours.

As it is run by electricity, there is no need for oil changes or air replacements once in a while.

Additional Features

Super-efficient LED lights are included so that you can use the mower at any time of the day. The built-in hitch allows you to tow lawn carts or trailers. Moreover, there are cup and phone holders, and you can also use the USB port to charge a device.

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

We have reached the end of our Ryobi RY48111 Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Review. Overall, we can say that this product will serve as a good first riding tractor as it is designed for easy storage and high-functioning performances.

From its convenient drive type and turning radius to its unique features, many things make it stand apart from its counterparts.

Overall, it is quite a practical choice because of how economical it is despite showcasing so many remarkable features. For durability purposes, take good care of the batteries.

Get this electric rear engine riding lawn mower today, and thank us later!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this mower also mulch leaves?

Yes, it can. However, the mulching blades and bagging attachments do not come with the package, so you have to purchase them separately.

Can the mower deck be removed?

Yes. All you have to do is disconnect the two motors from the cables, and the mower deck will be removed from the tractor.

How do I clean the mower?

We recommend using an air compressor to blow off any stray grass clippings or dirt. At most, you can use a wet towel to clean. Do not pressure-wash under any circumstances.

What is the maximum weight of the rider?

The maximum weight of the rider is 275 pounds.

How is the mower’s performance on slopes?

When it’s going downwards, it starts to accelerate unless the cruise control is activated.

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