Lawn mower not running at full power

Having a lawn mower that isn’t running at full power can be frustrating. There are a few things that could be causing the problem. It’s important to troubleshoot the issue so you can get your lawn mower running correctly again.

Clogged Air Filter, Spark plug or Carburetor:

Well, these are the common issues that a mower owner face. The air filter, spark plug and carburetor are vital elements of your lawn mower. They have a great effect on their performance. When your mowers’ air filter, spark plug and carburetor get blocked due to debris or dirt, then it reduces your mower’s performance greatly. As a result, your lawn mower can not run at full speed.

I hope you have already understood what you need to do. Don’t forget to clean your mowers air and fuel filter, spark plug and carburetor on a regular basis.

Damaged or Disengaged Drive Belt:

The duty of a drive belt in your lawn mower is transferring power to the transmission from the engine. Once drive belts perform a transmission, then the transmission force the wheel backward or forward and spin the blade also. That’s why if your mower got a damaged or disengaged drive belts, it can not run at full speed.

To fix this issue, you have to give an inspection to your mowers drive belt. You have to turn off your mower, get access to the drive belt and then reattach it. It is recommended to replace your drive belt with a new one if you find it is damaged or dislocated.

Old Battery:

Battery age has also a mentionable effect on your mowers speed. If you have a cordless lawn mower, then you are supposed to face this kind of issue that your lawn mower becomes slower as the age of batteries goes high. The old battery does not have enough ability that is needed for an engine. That’s why the engine can not run your mower at full speed.

In this case, what you can do actually is replacing the old battery with a new one if you think your mower’s battery is old.

Stale petrol:

The petrol you use in your lawn mower becomes less effective after a month. After about a month, the petrol used to break down for disclosure to air and some other environmental factors. As a result, your patrol compound gets evaporated and becomes thicker which is responsible for less combustion ability. As your mower’s combustion ability reduced greatly, that’s why your mower can not run at full speed.

The solution to this problem is draining the old petrol from your lawn mower and replace petrol with a new one.

Petrol Blend:

The petrol you use in your lawn mower from the local gas station is mixed with ethanol. This kind of fuel is environmentally sustainable and cost-effective. It causes less harm to car engines. But this type of fuel is responsible for a lot of destruction to your mower. As an effect, your mower will get a slow engine pull and poor performance. It is also a remarkable reason for getting your  lawn mower running slow.

To solve your petrol blend issue, you should follow the instruction manual of your mower. You will find there which petrol to be used and which one not.

Dirty Blade:

If your lawn mower holds a dirty blade that is coated with grass, gunk or mud, then your mower’s engine will face difficulties to spin the blade. As your engine will spin the blade slowly, you will get a slow speed from your mower. Your lawn mower will not be able to run at full speed.

To solve this issue, you have to clean your mowers blade. Don’t forget to use hand gloves while going through the cleaning process.

Cutting Tall Grass:

If you use your lawn mower for cutting long grass, then you will find that your mower is not running at full speed. Because the long grass used to tangled up in your mower blade and your mower can not move at full speed.

As a solution to this problem, you can adjust your mowers blades height according to your long grass. Without it, you can use a weed whacker for trimming your tall grass first and then use a lawn mower.


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