Why Your Lawn Mower Blows Blue Smoke

It may happen that your lawn mower is blowing smoke. If you face this problem, then you have to understand that there is something wrong with your lawn mower. Don’t worry. Probably it is not serious. But you have to take the necessary precautions for solving this issue. Otherwise, the continuation of this kind of problem for a long time may create a serious problem.

However, your lawn mower may blow different kinds of smoke like white, blue or black. Each kind of smoke indicates individual problems.

In this article, I will talk about the reasons behind your lawn mowers blue smoking and also the way you can fix this issue. So, without making any delay, let’s get started.

Well, blowing white or blue smoke indicate the same problem. Blowing blue or white is the most common among three colored smoke. If you find your lawn mower blow blue smoke, then you have to understand that your mower engine is burning oil. This reason is considered as the main reason.

However, this problem can happen due to some reasons. I will talk about each reason and its solution which means what you need to do for solving this issue.

Lawn Mower Blowing Blue Smoke

Overfilling Engines Oil:

Basically, your lawn mower engine demands more than half a quart of oil. That’s why it is easier overfilling them. If your lawn mower engine holds oil less than average, then it will face friction problems. Again, if you provide your mower too much oil, then it will start blowing smoke as a result of burning oil when the mowers will get hot.

That’s why you have to make sure that you are not overfilling your mower. To find out whether you are overfilling or not, you can give a quick check using a dipstick you will find in the reservoir.

Your task:

At first, you have to lift the dipstick cap. Use a scarp and wipe off the dipstick cap. Then insert it again into the reservoir. Now, lift the dipstick again and match the oil level with the recommended level in your dipstick. If you find the oil level is high, then pour oil and restock the reservoir with it. You have to carry on adding oil until you did not find the scale is matching with the recommended level.

Using your lawn mower at a sleep slope or tipping it on its side:

If you use your lawn mower for mowing on a slope and the angle is good enough, then you may find your lawn mower blowing blue smoke. Apart from this problem, your mower can blow blue smoke if you have flipped the mower without thinking if something tangles up on its blade or clean underneath your lawn mower.

Your task:

However, if you have done any one of the above-mentioned activities, then you have to check your mowers air filter at first. If you find the air filter is full of oil, then you will need to clean the holder out and then replace the air filter.

If you are not being able to access the air filter, then do not worry much. You can do this after finishing your mowing. Make sure that you are going through the above-mentioned process before you are going to use your mower again.

Head Gasket Issue:

Well, a head gasket issue is also responsible for blowing blue smoke. Although it is supposed to happen less likely, it can produce a good amount of smoke.

In general, the head gasket is a metal seal that is used for keeping your mower’s engine locked off. You will find the head gasket between the cylinder block of an engine and the cylinder head. The responsibility of a head gasket is to seal the combustion chamber. If your lawn mower holds a cracked head gasket, then you will not find any smoke blowing either it is overfill using oil or tipped on the side.

However, if the cylinder head is not sealed properly using a head gasket. Then there is a possibility of oil leaking from the crankcase into it and start burning the oil. You may also hear the noise of smoke which is being blown from loss of compression and leaking gasket. It is also responsible for generating low output power.

Your task:

In general, the head gasket is supposed to be found in the OHV engine. If you find your head gasket is damaged, then you have only one option that us replacing it with a new one.

For replacing the damaged head gasket, at first, you have to take aside the spark plug wire and also the bolts containing the head of the cylinder over the engine block. You need to use a socket in order to do that.

After that, you will find your damaged head gasket on the block of the engine where the cylinder head is connected. So, take aside your damaged gasket using a tool for scraping off hard for removing debris. You need to be careful so that you are not breaking the smooth surface while scraping.

At last, set the new head gasket in its place. Set the cylinder head into its position and then put a spark plug wire on the spark plug.

Piston Rings Failure:

well, the piston rings failure is the less common one. You may face this issue if you hold an old lawn mower that is worn out or control your mower poorly. Whenever the piston ring gets cranked, then there is nothing for holding the engine oil from accessing the chamber of combustion. Whatever, the ring piston may get damaged for:

  • Not routine replacement of engine oil.
  • Worn out or dirty air filter.

Your task:

If you find that your lawn mower is blowing blue smoke due to piston ring failure, then unfortunately you don’t have any option except rebuilding the engine. You have to rebuild the engine. However, the good news is that installing a new engine won’t ask you to spend lots of money and it will come with a guarantee.

Why Your Lawn Mower Blows Blue Smoke

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