Lawn-Boy 10732 Kohler XT6 Review

The power of this Lawn-Boy 10732 Kohler XT6 is unmatched, and therefore, it will do an impressive job of cleaning up your backyard. It is a bit expensive but totally worth the money due to its high performance and great features.

The Good

  • Grants you exceptional cutting parameters
  • The product comes with three different cutting capabilities
  • Durable build
  • Assures exceptional mobility and storage
  • The lawnmower is easy to use because of its design
  • Has a large bag capacity
  • 3-in-1 discharge ability lets you pick between side discharge, bagging, and mulching
  • Deck height is adjustable at 2 points

The Bad

  • Tad bit expensive
  • Is a bit noisy

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Lawn-Boy 10732 Review At a Glance

Not only does a well-maintained lawn make your house look more attractive and sophisticated, but it also gives off a hygienic vibe. How about we get you one step closer to making your lawn look like you have always dreamed? Yes, with the Lawn-boy 10732, the difficult tasks become much more effortless to do.

One of the coolest things about this item is its compact dimensions. Due to that, you would be able to stash the item anywhere in your garage. Besides, such an attribute gives the machine excellent mobility, which is a crucial factor in mowing.

Apart from that, it comes with tons of other things like power, easy disposal of the waste, and many more. For all the in-depth details regarding the product, keep on reading. We can assure you that you are going to like what you are going to read!

Product Specifications

Take a look at this section to see the specifications of this product;

  • 149 cc Engine ( Kohler XT6 OHV)
  • Tri-Cut System made by Lawn-boy
  • Height of cut is two-point
  • Discharge ability is 3-in-1.
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • 21 inch all steel deck
  • CARB Compliant

Key Features

Learning about the key aspects of this product will help you make the right decision.


The machine has a mighty engine installed. It features an OVH (Overhead Valve) engine, which is the key reason why it is capable of generating such excellent performance. If you take a look, the machine’s Kohler XT6 engine has a rating of 149cc (which is why the lawnmower can output roughly 6.5ft per pound of torque).

In short, the unit is ideal for any variety of heavy-duty or light-duty mowing projects.

Cutting System

Now, in addition to the exceptional power, the machine arrives with a tri-cut system. The system features a 21-inch extremely sharp blade that makes it proficient in mulching, side-discharging, or bagging any plantation like its butter.

Adjustable Height

Well, the height of such a thing is crucial. Thanks to this feature, you can incorporate various designs within your lawn and will enhance the overall outlook of your home.


Unlike most of the products that you have come across, this one has a unique discharging attribute. It is installed with three different modes of discharge:

  • Mulching
  • Bagging
  • Discharging

With the mulching mode, you can trim those short grasses and make them even. If you want to get rid of the taller plantations, then you can use the bagging attribute (which will cut and store all the waste inside a bag for you to later dispose of) or discharge (which would discharge the waste as you keep on mowing).

So, with the help of this gem, you would be able to do almost three variants of tasks without any hindrance. Moreover, it has a larger bag, which will permit you to store more of the waste and dispose of it all!


When you are mowing, control and mobility are essential features. With that in mind, lawn-boy made this item very light. This weighs approximately 66-pounds (roughly 30kg). Combine that with its compact measurements; you can uncomplicatedly maneuver the product and get the job done with ease.

Plus, it comes with a U-shaped handle, which enables you to easily push the item as well as grants you perfect control!

Conclusion: Should You Buy It?

Our Lawn-Boy 10732 Kohler XT6 Review is going to tell you all exactly why you need this product in your life. All you have to do is to get it and see how your life is going to change. But if you ask us, then we would suggest you buy this because of its impressive cutting system and out of this world power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Lawn Boy 10732 come with a mulching kit? 

It has a built-in mulching kit, so there is no need for one. Plus, it comes with several other cutting features so, you can pick the one that suits you the best.

Should you repair a lawnmower?

If there is a problem with the engine, then it is really not worth getting it fixed. This process is quite expensive, and you can even buy a brand new one with that kind of money.

What kind of engine fuel does the Lawn Boy 10732 use? 

The machine uses 4-cycles and operates on both gas as well as oil.

Could you tell me the accurate dimensions of the Lawn Boy 10732?

It is 40.5-inches in length x 22.3-inches in width x 37.7-inches in height.

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