How to start toro lawn mower

Maintaining your lawnmower is much easier when you have toro tools, especially push and a riding lawnmower. Toro tools always work on maintaining your lawnmower. However, for operating your lawnmowers, you need to know the starting procedure. Without a proper starting, you will not be able to make your lawnmower working.

So, as you can assume, Today I will be talking about the steps following which you can start your toro lawnmower. Each and every step are important. So, pay proper attention before you go.

Push Mower:

Pressing the rubber primer bulb:

At first, you need to press on the rubber primer bulb of your lawnmower. You will find the bulb on the side of your lawnmower’s engine. Press the bulb three times. While pressing, you just need to hold the bulb for approx one second and then release it. This pressing will help with drawing fuel into the engine of your lawnmower.

Holding the safety bar:

After being done pressing the bulb, your next task is to hold the safety bar. You will find the safety bar on the above of the handle. Just pull and hold the bar. Don’t worry. Your lawnmower will not start immediately after holding the bar. The engine will automatically shut off if you release the bar.

Pulling the starter rope:

You are almost done. Now, you just need to hold the gripped handle of the starter rope and pulling it rapidly. After trying once or twice, your lawnmower is supposed to get started. However, if it doesn’t get started, then repeat the process from first to last again.

Riding Mower:

Placing the Ignition key in its place:

In the very first step, you need to place the key in its place.  That means, placing the ignition key in the keyhole of your toro lawnmower.

Turning the PTO switch off:

After placing the key in its place, you need to turn off the PTO switch. Basically, the PTO switch is safety equipment that works on preventing the blades from working when the engine is on.

Engaging the parking brake:

There is also another safety equipment like the PTO. This is called the parking brake. This is also safety equipment. You need to engage the parking brake. It will help to prevent your lawnmower from any kind of movement.

Turning the Choke lever Full:

Now, you need to check whether your engine is warm or not. If your lawnmower is warm, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, you have to make the “Choke” lever in its Full position.

Starting the engine:

You are almost done. At this position, you just need to turn the ignition key for starting the engine. Remember, you should never turn the key for more than ten seconds. It may damage your lawnmower’s engine. However, if you still find your lawnmower not started, then you have to wait a few moments and then again turning the key.

Turning the Choke lever off:

Once your lawnmower engine is started, then simply turn the Chok lever into half position from full. Then, wait thirty seconds and let the engine running. After thirty seconds, you can turn the Choke lever off from the half position. Now you are ready to go with your lawnmower.

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