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How To Start A Lawn Mower

Based on a very broad category of starting and power, lawnmowers are different. And different categories of lawnmowers have different starting mechanisms.

Lawn Mower Starting Method due to the different type of mower

Here has been revealed the 5 Types of Lawn Mower Starting system.

Starting an Electric Lawnmower

Electric lawnmowers run on electric motors. This does not necessarily mean that they all need to be connected to a power source before they work. They are called electric lawnmowers because they require an electric start key, mostly.

Some electric lawnmowers, even though they are called electric, run on batteries. Those lawnmowers are called cordless electric lawnmowers because they do not have an electric cord attached to them.

How then, do they start? One of the best advantages of starting a lawnmower that runs on a battery or even one that runs on electricity is that starting them is really easy. Whether they are corded or cordless, most of them come with a start key that just needs to be inserted in the appropriate space provided for it. In addition to the simplicity that this start key provides in terms of starting the machinery, it also prevents tampering with the lawn mower.

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Starting a Cordless Battery Lawn Mower

Battery lawn mowers have a button that you push in order to start them. In lieu of a button, or in addition to it, there is a lever that comes with most electric lawn mowers.

When that button is pushed or the lever is pulled back, the lawnmower should start. If for any reason, it does not, there are a few things to be checked. One is to ensure that the battery is properly and fully charged.

An uncharged battery will not start, however much the start button is depressed. At most, it would give a spluttering sound and then stop. If the battery is weak, it may need to be pulled to start by the pull cord – also called the recoil cord – that most batteries powered lawn mowers come with.

If the battery is fully charged and the lawn mower still does not start, you may try inserting another compatible battery in the lawn mower to check that the battery is not compromised.

Something else is the connection between the battery and the engine of the lawn mower. If there is any dirt or gunk blocking the connection, you may want to clean them off with a damp towel.

It is important that you do not use soap in cleaning the connections of the lawn mower, or you may set up an electrolytic reaction that may affect your lawn mower. After these steps, your lawn mower should start.

Starting a Corded Lawn Mower

Starting the corded lawn mower is no more difficult than starting the cordless lawn mower. What differentiates the starting process of each from the other is that the corded lawn mower needs to be plugged into a power source, either directly into an electric port or into an extension cord.

When the corded lawn mower is plugged in, a small indicator should light up, showing that the connection is successful. After that, it is a simple matter of turning the start key or pushing the start button.

If the lawn mower does not start, there are a few things to check. The electrical outlet should be checked to ensure that it works perfectly. There is usually an indicator light on the lawn mower to this effect.

If there is no indicator light on the lawn mower, plug another appliance to ensure that the power outlet works. If the lawn mower still does not start after this, you may want to call in the services of a repairman.

Starting a Gas Mower

Again, gas lawn mowers do not start any different than electric lawn mowers. Gas lawn mowers have a motor that runs on gas. That motor has a fuel tank and an oil tank. And that fuel tank has to be filled up with gas.

It is important too, that the oil tank be filled up with just the right amount of oil – not too much, and not too little. Most gas lawn mowers have a start key and a recoil pull cord.

To start the gas lawn mower, either turn the start key or pull the recoil cord. The gas mower should start when either of these start mechanisms are employed. If it does not start, check the fuel gauge and the oil gauge.

Starting a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Most self-propelled lawn mowers run on gas. So, one of the first steps to starting a self-propelled lawn mower is to check the fuel tank, and adding fuel if the need be.

The lubricating oil tank should be checked too, to ensure that there is enough oil, and prevent knocking of the engine. There is a prime knob on the lawn mower.

T his knob should be depressed three or four times to ensure that the engine is primed. Clasp the handle of the mower and push the dead-man lever, pull the recoil cord in the same motion. The lawn mower should then start. If it does not, repeat the process.

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