How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades Without Removing 

No doubt that the lawn mower does some massive jobs for you. But, sometimes it may happen that you are not getting the best from your lawn mower. In this case, there may be several reasons behind this. A dull blade is one of them. For getting higher performance, the blade of the lawn mower should be sharp.

However, you can sharpen the blade both by removing and without removing it. It is your personal preference.

Today, I will discuss how can you sharpen your lawn mower blade without removing it. So, let’s dive into the core section.

Step-1: Getting prepared

In the first step of sharpening the mower blades, you need to prepare first. At first, you should gather all the required tools. I am attaching a shortlist of required tools below:

1) A piece of the wooden block

2) A flat file

3) Steel wire brush

4) A pair of hand gloves

5) Googles

After collecting all the tools you have to take your lawn mower into your garage or on an even surface. Then, simply remove the plug of your lawn mower. It will lessen the possibility of any kind of accident.

Step-2: Sealing the Gas tank of the lawn mower

After removing the lawn mower plug, now you need to remove the lid of your lawn mower gas tank. Then, simply place a plastic bag over the mug of your gas tank. After that, you need to replace the lid that you have replaced in its earlier position.

Step-3: Tilting the lawn mower

Now you need to access the blade. For this, you have to tilt the lawn mower in any sideways. In this case, you have to ensure that the fuel tank, carburetor staying in the overhead when you are tilting.

Then, make sure that the lawn mower is stable. To make it stable, you can simply place a piece of wooden block crosswise on the other side of the lawn mower. This is a must thing. You must have to make your lawn mower stable as you are going to sharpen the blade without removing it.

Step-4:  Placing A Wooden Block Diagonally Under The Mower Blade

Now, you have to make sure that the blade is stable and it cant make any kind of move. For making the blade stable, you can use another piece of a wooden block placing crosswise below the blade. Remember, the blade should be unable to make any kind of movement.

Step-5: Cleaning The Blade

Your job is pretty much easier now. Now, you need to use the collected steel sire brush in order to clean the blade. Use the brush and remove all the dirt and rust from the blade. You should also clean the mower deck beneath if there are any dirt or grass clippings.

Step-6: Sharpening The Lawn Mower Blade

It’s time to get started with cleaning the lawn mower blade. While starting the sharpening process, you have to take a flat-file and then placing it above the cutting edge of the blade.

Here is a thing to remember, you need to start the sharpening process from the center of your blade. you also need to maintain the proper angle. Thus, you should start sharpening the blade.

Once sharpening a side of your blade is done, you need to turn the blade and switch to another side. Repeat the processes that you did while sharpening the other side of the blade in order to complete the sharpening process.

Step-7: Lowering The Mower and Unsealing The Fuel Tank

You are almost done with sharpening the lawn mower blade. Now you need to lower the mower, reopening the fuel tank lid, removing the plastic bag and replacing the lid again.

Well, you are completely done with sharpening the lawn mower blade. Now you are ready to start cutting grasses with your lawn mower blade.

Exclusive tips:

Always remember to unplug the spark plug before starting sharpening the lawn mower blade.

If your lawn mower blade is too old, then better replace it with a new one instead of sharpening it.

Never start sharpening the blade from the end of the blades.

If you hear any sound while cutting the grass from underneath, it means your blade is not balanced. You need to make it balanced first before using.

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