How To Replace Pull Cord On Lawn Mower?

Replacing the pull cord on your lawn mower is a relatively easy task that you can do at home with a few simple tools. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the new cord is the same length and diameter as the old one. This will ensure that it will fit properly and work correctly.

Here’s a handy guide on how to do perform this task:

How To Replace Pull Cord On Lawn Mower

Get prepared:

At first, you need to be prepared in a good manner. You should wear a pair of hand gloves. Then, find a flat surface to place your mower. After placing the mower into the ground, disconnect the spark plug for safety as it will prevent your lawn mower from starting. However, you may have to drain the gas tank only if you need to take aside the gas tank for reaching the pull cord.

Rewinding the pulley spring:

The actual procedure starts now. You have to unscrew about 3 to 4 screws that attach the pulley to its housing at first. So, use a screwdriver to unscrew them. However, if your lawn mower holds a gas tank on its top, then you will have to unscrew the screw using a screwdriver.

After that, you are supposed to find the rewind unit or coil. They remain attached with 3 to 4 screws also. You have to use the driver in this case. Then, carefully uplift the rewind unit. It is supposed to go out first. However, if you find it not going out at first, then you may have to use a flat screwdriver for prying it.

Taking off the damaged cord:

Now you can remove the old damaged cord. For removing it, you have to rewind it from the rewind unit. Hold the knot and simply pull it as much as possible and tear off the remaining part. Then you need to take off the knot attaching the rope to the rewind unit. You should do it by flipping the rewind unit and looking for the knotted part. Then hold the needle-nose and take it off.

Preparing the replacement pull cord:

Now, it’s time to prepare your new replacement cord. You should start by taking measurements of your old damaged cord. This is so that you can get a pull cord same as the actual length. Then, hold the new rope and cut it according to your measurement.

After that, hold the oil or lighter and get the cord prepared for winding. You can use oil for moistening and reducing the diameter of your ropes ending part.

Inserting the new cord in the rewind unit:

Now, your ropes are ready to be inserted. You should connect the cord with the rewind unit base. Make sure that while placing the cord, you are not doing any harm to the rewinding procedure. Then, connect the rope with exterior handle of your mower holding which you perform pulling.

After that, you have to push the new cord into the rewind holes. You should do it by rewinding the unit. Then, perform at least seven rewind turns for allowing the cord to get in. After that, keep the screwdriver into the slot so that it can’t rewind. Now, you have to connect the cord with the winding tray end. After doing that, you can release the screwdriver. You will find the winder has fastened up and pulling the cord inside the tray.

Refitting the pulley:

You are done with replacing the pull cord of your lawn mower. Now, it’s time to refit everything. So, start screwing according as you unscrew them. After screwing all the screws, you will find your lawn mower is set again. If you have taken off the gas tank, then attach it again.

After all, finally, connect the spark plug that you disconnected earlier. After that, you are set to start your lawn mower using the new pull cord.

How To Replace Pull Cord On Lawn Mower

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