How To Replace Drive Belt On Mtd Yard Machine Riding Mower

Changing the drive belt on a MTD Yardman riding mower is a standard maintenance procedure. According to MTD, the maker of Yardman products, the belt should be changed every two years or more if it has significant use.

Check the belt for nicks, wear, or damage on a daily basis throughout the mowing season. Pay attention to any indications of an aging belt, such as a reduction in engine power on hills.

There are numerous types of MTD lawn mowers available on the market. When purchasing the drive belt, keep in mind the old belt number of your lawn mower. If the numbers don’t match, you’ll have problems replacing the mower drive belt.

Let’s get into this guide on how to replace the drive belt on MTD yard machine riding mower.

How To Replace Drive Belt On Mtd Yard Machine Riding Mower

Things that you will require:

  • SAE socket set
  • Clean rags
  • Pliers (regular and needle-nose)
  • Screwdriver


Your first step towards replacing your mower drive belt will be parking your mower on a surface. Obviously, the surface needed to be plane. So, simply set the parking brake, turn off the ignition key, remove the spark plug and then park your mower on a plane surface. Then, use the deck lift lever for lowering the mowing deck to the low position.


After parking your mower, now you have to disconnect the rear and front deck supports of your mower. You have to use pliers, pins and sliding onwards for removing them. Then, your next task is removing the PTO drive belt shield. You can do this by your hand with the help of a screwdriver.

After that, your final task in this step is to remove the mower deck from below of your mower. In this case, you have to slide the mower deck out on the left side of your tractor.


Now, you have to remove the battery first. For that, lift the seat of your mower and then remove the battery. You are supposed to find a transaxle below the battery box is secured using the 7/16-inch nut. You have to loosen the transaxle with the help of your 7/16-inch socket at first. Then, use the needle-nose pliers for taking off your transaxle pulley spring from the anchor bolt which you will find on the left side of your mower.


Finding this task difficult? Not actually. You have finished most of your steps. However, you will see a PTO belt on your transaxle. You have to remove it now. Then, use the screwdriver and remove the screws using which the belt guide is secured on the variable speed pulley bracket. You should slice the belt very carefully. Then use a 1/4-inch socket for removing the belt guard you will see around your mowers engine pulley.


Now, you have to take off the crankshaft pulley. You will find the crankshaft is secured using the bolt, flat washer and lock shower. You have to remove them with the help of a 1/2-inch socket. After removing them, you will be able to take off the crankshaft. Once you will take off the crankshaft, then you can take off the drive belt now. You have to take off the drive belt from your mower by twisting and then easing it in the direction of the engine.


Now, the steps you are waiting for. After removing the drive belt, now you can install the new drive belt on your riding mower. So, place the drive belt into its position. Then, you have to reinstall everything. Follow the reverse procedure for installing them as you have uninstalled them. After installing everything, now you are ready to go with your mower.

Safety Tip: Don’t forget to wear a pair of safety hand gloves.

How To Replace Drive Belt On Mtd Yard Machine Riding Mower

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