How to Remove a Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel

If your lawn mower’s wheel is stuck, it can be frustrating. You may feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t move forward. But don’t despair! There are a few things you can do to try to remove that stuck wheel.

Why lawn mower wheels get stuck?

Several issues you may find regarding having a stuck lawn mower wheel. Those can be,

  • Dirt in the axle for regular uses
  • Rusty axle due to poor maintenance
  • A punctured wheel
  • Excessive heat
  • Without proper cleaning after usage

Material and Tools You Will Need to Remove the Wheel

Well, as you are not a mechanic and you don’t have a complete toolbox, but you will need some materials to open and fix the matter. Some standard and regular tools are,

  • A hydraulic jack
  • A concrete or woodblock
  • Penetrating oil
  • A hammer
  • A socket wrench
  • Needle nose pliers

Also, for your safety, you can have a pair of gloves and goggles with you.

So, let’s move further step by step.

6 Steps to Remove a Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel

1. First of all, you will need to find a flat and smooth surface to park the mower. It will give you a stable experience further. Then, pull out the spark plug. You can put your mower in the parking mode also.

2. Your next task is to detect whether it is a rear-wheel or not. If it is, then use the block at the front wheel. Again, If the front wheel is stuck, then use the block at the rear. Remove the wheel cap as well as the washer also. Use the wrench.

3. Now, you will find four to five bolts with washers that hold the wheel inside. Use the wrench and needle nose plier to remove each one of them. Here try to keep those parts separate in a safe place. Then, use the hydraulic jack to lift up the mower. Place the jack below the axle. When the mower is on air, stop lifting it.

4. You may find there is some rust in your mower. So, use some penetrating oil in the rim and axle connection. This will help to get rid of those rusts. Move the wheel fore and back; thus, it gets lost, and the oil can reach most of the part.  As in this condition, keep it for 20-25 minutes.

5. Now take another woodblock and place it in the center of the wheel. Make sure the woodblock connects the rim also. Now use the hammer to hit with a medium force on the wheel. This force will help to move the stuck position.

After having a session check, it loses enough to come out or not. If not, then hit again. With a bit of trial, the wheel will come out when you will rough out the rust completely.

6. After completing the removal now you apply more penetrating oil and clean the rim properly before reinstalling.

Some Alternative Methods of Removing a Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel

Heating and Waxing

Here you can use other methods also. If hitting with a woodblock doesn’t help, you can use the wax and propane torch.

At first, put some wax on the rusty area of the rim. Put it gently and carefully. Let it be for some time to make it soaked easily. Also giving some time will help to spread inside also. Then, light up a blue propane torch. But be careful before firing it up. Take a free space and try with the lower mode. You don’t need to melt the rim down; all you need is to burn the wax and heat up the rusty portion.

After setting the gas quantity not burn the rust with your blue torch, be careful not to burn most and not the other parts of the wheel. Most importantly, Do not get in touch with the tire. Take your time and use goggles and safety gloves.

Using a Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Well, you can use a hydraulic bottle jack to remove the wheel. It is a simple and easy method to do.

Following this method, at first, up to the hydraulic jack, lifting follows the same procedure as described before. You need to manage two or three wooden blocks and a chain. Put those wooden blocks at the back of the stuck wheel.

Now place the hydraulic bottle jack to the rim. It will be horizontally and put another wooden block at the down of it. The lever will be on the upper side. Now tight the setup using the chain. Make sure while putting pressure on next may not displace the setup. Otherwise, you will have to do it again.

After placing the jack to the rim perfectly and strongly tighten up, now use the lever to expand the jack. This will create pressure directly on the rusty and stuck area. Slowly increase the pressure; otherwise, it may break apart.

This is how you can remove your stuck wheel. And of course, you can use some penetrating oil during this method to make it easier.

Safety Tips

For safely removing the stuck lawn mower wheel, you should maintain some safety measurements. Here I am providing you with what you must follow.

  • Must place the mower on a stable surface, as it may not fall during uplifted with the hydraulic jack.
  • While using the blue torch, you should aware of the gas flow
  • Be sure not to go any closer to the tire
  • Use hand gloves and googles
  • Don’t force to come out of the wheel. Be patient and go slowly. Do not break down your axle and rim.
  • Carefully preserve the nuts and bolts to reinstall them correctly.
  • Keep children aside while doing it.

So that’s it. I hope this article helped you with knowing everything. Before getting started, read the steps again and again and please take your time to go slowly. I hope this will help you to save some bucks not to give to the mechanic.

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