How to Make Lawn Mower Faster

As anyone who has ever mowed a lawn knows, the speed of the lawn mower is critical to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. The average person can only walk so fast, and even the fastest walker will eventually get tired. This is where a faster lawn mower can really help.

There are a few different ways to make a lawn mower faster which I will discuss in this article. Some are more expensive than others, but all of them will speed up your lawn mowing time.

The governor:

The governor in a lawn mower is designed for controlling the flow of fuel on your mower. It will make sure that your mower is not consuming fuel beyond a fixed point. Without it, the governor sets the highest speed limit and make sure that your mower does not exceed the speed.

All these things are done by a spring which is remains attached to the governor and works as a fuel regulator. Most of the mower owner thinks that the governor can enhance the speed of mower by itself. The actual trick lies in shortening the spring length. If you find that this trick is not working, then you can completely remove the spring. Then, take a loot whether there is any change in your mowers speed or not.

The engine pulley:

Well, you probably know that your mower has a belt that is responsible for the movement of your mower. The movement of your belt can be made quicker by changing the pulley size simply. This trick is limited to lawn mowers that are driven using a belt only and hold two engine pulleys. Among them, one is found on the backside of the mower and the other one is remain attached to the engine.

The engine pulley is situated on the crankshaft of the engine. If you want to make your lawn mower faster, then simply enhance both pulley size.

The engine oil:

You should take care of your mowers engine oil as you take care of your car’s engine oil. Your mower’s engine oil is also an important thing for your mower. So, change the oil following a specific routine. It will allow you seamless blade rotation. Keep in mind that you should not bring any oil to your mower. Take some time to find out the best oil on market. Because the substandard oil can damage your mower.

The air filter:

It is always recommended to go through the cleaning process of your mowers air filter very often. If the air filter of your mower becomes dirty, then there is a possibility to get your mower speed slower. Even it can cut the power supply to the engine. As a result, it will slow down your mowers speed. So, it is better to avoid your air filter if you find it is dirty or clogged.

As you are thinking about making your lawn mower faster, you can bring a new air filter for your lawn mower. You will find the mower air filter on the side of your mower.


  • Always try to keep your mowers tire well inflated and clean.
  • You can take away the bolts that are holding the hood in order to get the highest air flow.
  • You can use the clean gasoline of 92 or higher for your mower, it will help your mower to run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Try to arrange your mowing pattern as a straight line. This way, you will be able to mow a good area within a few time.



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  1. How can I slow down my super fast self propel speed on my new Einhell mower
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