How to Fix Plastic Gas Tank on Lawn Mower

How to Fix Plastic Gas Tank on Lawn Mower

If you have a plastic gas tank on your lawn mower, it is important to know how to fix it if it becomes damaged. While plastic gas tanks are not as common as metal ones, they are still used on some lawn mowers. Plastic gas tanks can be damaged in a number of ways, such as by being punctured or cracked. If your plastic gas tank is damaged, there are a few things you can do to fix it.

Steps to Fix Plastic Gas Tank on Lawn Mower

1. Drain the Gas Tank

Your first step for fixing your lawn mower gas tank should be draining the tank. Make the tank empty if possible. It is not mandatory though. Wait a few moments and let the tank dry.

2. Sand the Area to be Repaired

Your next step is sanding the area that you want to repair. You are supposed to find the sandpaper with your kits. You have to make sure that the area is “roughed up” in a good manner. It will provide a good bonding for the adhesive. After that, you have to wipe down the sanding area so that no dust remains there. You can do it easily using a rag.

3. Cut Down the Patch and Overlap it

Now, you have to use a scissor and cutting down the enclosed fiberglass repair patch so that it fits the intended repair area. So, simply cut the patch and overlap it slightly.

4. Mix the Adhesive

Your next task is mixing the adhesive. You are supposed to get the adhesive in your repair kit. This a two-part adhesive and you have to make sure that the mixture of this adhesive consists of 50/50 equal substance. Well, it is not mandatory to do it directly using your hand. You will find an applicator stick in the package. You can use it for mixing the adhesive.

5. Cover the Pitching Area and Use the Mixed Adhesive

Your final task goes here. At first, using the mixed adhesive you have to cover the patching area. Then, you need to press the patch steadily into the adhesive mixture. Coat the intended repairing area using the applicator stick.

Once the patching is done, your next turn should be covering the overlapping edges outside of the patches with extra adhesive. After that, let the patch dry according to the direction of the package. You will find most of the part of your adhesive ready within an hour or less than it.

Final Words

You’ve come so far! Now that you know how to fix a plastic gas tank on lawn mower and all the steps involved. If you follow each step properly, then you’ll be able to fix it easily and quickly. So, let’s start fixing that gas tank now! Your beautiful lawn is waiting for you!

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