How to Dethatch a Lawn With a Mower Attachment

Who does not want to get his lawn green and luscious? I hope you are not different. Actually, it is a pleasure to see such kind of eye-catching green grass. I know that you will give lots of effort like watering, using fertilizer and so on to get your lawn green and luscious.

But, still, there is something that can help your grass growing well. This is called thatch. In a word, thatch can be defined as a backdoor material that can make your grass eye-catching. But, you know that excess of anything is bad. This means thatch can’t be always a blessing for your grass. You may need to remove it.

Today, I will be talking about the detailed process following which you can dethatch a lawn with a mower attachment.

Well, you might be happy to see that I will talk about the dethatching lawn for both push and riding mower. This means you don’t have to worry either you have a riding mower or push mower. You will find everything here.

How to Dethatch a Lawn with a Mower Attachment

Dethatching Using a Push Mower

Well, dethatching a lawn with your push mower is like a walk in the park. While dethatching a lawn with a push mower, you need to change the blades. So, your first step should be purchasing a blade.

At first, for a walk-behind mower, you have to get a dethatching blade. Make sure that the blades you are bringing fit with the width of your lawn mower deck. After bringing the blades, now you have to replace this blade with your existing one.

So, simply install the new dethatching blades that you got in your mower. After that, you have to turn on the mower and start passing across your push lawn mower.

Whatever, as you are dealing with a push mower, you get an option. You can use a bagger or not. It’s totally optional. What if you don’t use a bagger? In this case, you have to rake up the thatch first and then discard it from the lawn. You should not leave the thatch lying above your lawn. Because it will harm your grass and it will look unsightly.

Dethatching Using a Riding Lawn Mower

Well, to be honest, dethatching a lawn is more easier and comfortable once you have a riding lawn mower. The process is almost the same compared with the push lawn mower. The difference is only in the blade attachment.

As you are an owner of a riding lawn mower, you are supposed to know that the riding lawn mower holds a hitch for attaching various implements. In case of dethatching, you will have to secure a dethatching component to the hitch and pulling after the lawn mower.

At first, you have to mow your lawn about 3-inches max height. You will find dethatching is helpful if the lawns are short. Then, you need to park your mower in a flat area and turning off the ignition key. After that, you need to use the hitch mount arms for rolling the implement toward the mower. You have to take off the nut that is located underneath while holding the bolt at the top of the hitch mount.

Then, above the mower hitch, place the mount arms. Here, you need to insert the bolt and then screw on the nut. After that, you have to make the dethatcher lower on the part of the mower using the lift handle that you will find on the above of your dethatching implement.

In this situation, you have to make sure that the onwards and backward tines are remaining in the touch of the ground. If not so, then you have to make the necessary adjustment by loosening the onwards and backward carriage

Bolts and Hex Nuts

Now, you have to start your mower and start dethatching. In this case, you may have to go over the year a few times and catching the same place multiple times. You will find it helpful if you work diagonally.

Whatever if you are not willing in pulling your dethatching component after the mower, you have another option. You may go for buying a dethatching blade. As a result, you need to spend time replacing the mower blades with the dethatching blades.

How to Dethatch a Lawn With a Mower Attachment

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