How to Clean Lawn Mower Carburetor

Facing difficulties while cleaning lawn mower carburetor? No worries. Cleaning the lawn mower carburetor is not so much complicated. You just need to go through some simple steps for cleaning your carburetor. It is a good idea to clean your carburetor very often. Regular maintenance like cleaning will make your carburetor working fine and durable.

Today, I will be sharing the detailed process of cleaning the lawn mower carburetor. So, if you are looking for the same thing, then follow these steps. I hope after going through this article, you will be able to clean your carburetor without any hassle.

Step-1: Bringing the essentials

Before getting started with cleaning the carburetor, you need to have some tools that you will be needing while cleaning the carburetor. The tools are:

1. Wrench.
2. Screwdriver.
3. Ratchet/socket.
4. needle-nose pliers.
5. A set of rags.

Step-2: Safety First

Well, you have to ensure your safety first. There is nothing more important than you. So, you have to take care of yourself. The gasoline of carburetor is a toxic substance and it is flammable. That’s why make sure that you are working in an enough-ventilated area.

If you are working inside of the garage, then make sure that all doors and windows are open while cleaning the carburetor. The presence of a ventilation fan will be a great thing.

Step-3: Checking to See Whether the Problem Really is the Carburetor

Don’t be too quick. Spend some time searching whether there is a problem in your carburetor or not. It may happen that for some silly reason your carburetor is not working well. So, spend some time and check whether there is enough gas or not and the ignition switch is in the right position or not.

Without it, you should check whether the spark plug is clean and attached or not. These are the small things which may make your carburetor stop from working. So, check all the possible things. After going through this kind of activity, you can start checking another issue.

Step-4: Removing the Outer Casing and Air Filter

Well, you may think that removing the outer casing is complicated. But, this is very easy. For removing the outer casing, at first, you need to unscrew all the existing screws of the cover using the screwdriver till you can’t see the inside of the mower. Then after removing the cover, you have to remove the air filter in order to find the carburetor.

However, if you find the filter is not clean. Then you should clean it properly. The air filter helps the carburetor in breathing properly.

Step-5: Unbolting the Carburetor and Removing it From the Fuel Line

Now, your task is removing the carburetor from the fuel line. For this, unbolt the carburetor using tools and remove the fuel line that is attached to it. You may mind any spills once you remove the fuel line. You can use rags for wiping the spills.

However, if you can’t find any spillage, then you have to understand that you may have a clogged line. So, it is recommended to give your fuel line a check after that for any kind of problem.

Step-6: Unbolting the Bowl and Cleaning the Nut

Your next step should be cleaning the nut. For this, you have to remove the carburetor first. Generally, the carburetor is found placed with a single nut. You just need to unscrew the nut first then removing the bowl. The nut is actually a jet hole. You have to make sure that there are no obstacles in the air. You can use either a wire or a paper clip for cleaning the debris.

Usually, the carburetor stop working for the presence of small debris inside of the jet. So, cleaning the hole can be the reason for not working the carburetor. However, if you got an old gasket, it may also be stuck to the nut. So, better clean it by scraping it off.

Then, you just need a carburetor cleaner. Spray the nut using the cleaner. Remember, while removing the bowl if you find it damaged, then you have to replace it with a new one. You can use pressure washer to clean any part of lawn mower that is not sensitive.

Step-7: Replacing the Needle

Once you see the bowl, you are supposed to find the float attached with the carburetor using a pin. You need to remove the pin and replace the needle. Without it, you will find a gasket inside of the carburetor where the needle sits. You have to replace the gasket too so that the new one fits.

Step-8: Spraying the Carburetor With Cleaning Fluid and Cean Inside the Holes

You are done with removing all the parts. Now you can start cleaning. You may use a spray to the carburetor. While cleaning, you have to make sure that you are cleaning every part of the carburetor, especially inside of the holes. You may also use wire or paper clip in case of need. Remember, all the holes should be clean and free from debris.

Step-19: Replacing the Main Gasket

Well, it is a good idea to replace the gasket that you found between the bowl and carburetor. You don’t need to go through a hassle. Just place a new gasket removing the previous one.

Step-10: Reassembling and Reattaching

Well, you are done with cleaning your lawn mower carburetor. Now, you have to reassemble the parts. While reassembling the parts, make sure that you are placing every part in its position and also adding gasoline to it. After assembling, you can check whether the carburetor is working correctly or not.

However, if you find that your carburetor is not working correctly, then don’t be panic. Calm down and see whether you have placed every part in its place or not. If you think that it’s a serious issue, then you should take it to an expert.

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