How To Charge a Lawn Mower Battery

Do you own a lawn mower? If yes, then you are supposed to face the problem that the battery of your lawn mower often gets discharged. It happens because the battery that is used in a lawn mower is a lead-acid battery and this kind of battery often gets discharged during prolonged storage after winter.

Well, your battery gets discharged often it does not mean that you have to replace the battery each time. You can recharge the battery of your lawn mower too.

Whatsoever, this guide will tell you every single step that you need to go through for charging your lawn mower battery. So, go through this guide carefully. It will be highly beneficial to you.

Before moving into the core section, I would like to share some basic things that you need to know as a lawn mower owner like when you need to charge your lawn mower mattery.

It may happen that you may drive your lawn mower for a few months without charging a single time. But, still, there are some common times when you should get your battery charged. There are some common instances for charging your lawn mower battery. You don’t need to charge the battery routinely. The instances are:

  • Before you are going to store your lawn mower for the winter months.
  • Before getting started with the mower first time early in the spring.
  • Lastly, before mowing if you find the battery is dead unexpectedly

These are the common timing for charging your lawn mower battery. Now, let’s move into the core section.

How To Charge a Lawn Mower Battery

Step-1: Safety first

Before getting started with charging the lawn mower battery, you need to ensure your safety first. For ensuring your safety, you have to wear hand gloves, safety goggles. This protection will protect you in case of any accidental electrical mishaps.

However, if you find your lawn mower is dead unexpectedly, this means that somehow you left the ignition and you need to charge the battery fully before using it again.

Step-2: Choose the right charger

Once you are ready to put your lawn mower battery in charge, now you need to choose the accurate charger. In general, almost all the lawn mower that was modeled after 1983 got a 12V battery. The lawn mower that was modeled before 1983 has a 6V battery though. You have to select the charger that matches the voltage of your lawn mower battery.

Here, you need to keep one thing in your mind that you must have to use a charger having an output of 10amps or less. Because the battery output anything more than 10amps can do harm to your battery.

Step-3: Find the battery

Now, after collecting the charger, you need to find the battery to access it. For this, you have to start by disconnecting the charger from the power gate. In general, you are supposed to find the battery below the seat. In this case, you just have to lift the seat up. Then, you will find both the positive and negative terminal of your battery.

Step-4: Connect the cables

After finding both the positive and negative terminals of the battery, you need to connect them with the cables. You will find two cables that come with your charger. Among them, one is red and another one is black. You have to connect the red cables with the positive terminal and the black cables with the negative terminals respectively. Build the connection as I have stated.

Step-5: Let it charge

Now, you are almost done with putting the battery in charge. After connecting the cables, you have to set the charger equal to or less than 10amps. Again remember, anything more than 10amps can damage your battery.

Well, with the 10amps charger, your battery is supposed to be fully charged around an hour. It can take more than an hour though.

Step-6: Disconnect the charger:

Lastly, after getting your battery charged fully, you need to disconnect the charger. Here, the question is how you will know that your battery has charged fully.

No worries. You will find some lawn mower that shut off the chargers whenever it is charged fully. Without it, you will find some lawn mower that comes with a green LED indicator to notify you that the battery is charged fully.  Once you will see a green indicator, you need to unplug the charger and also disconnect the cables from the terminals.

Well, if you follow the described steps properly, then you are supposed to done with charging your lawn mower battery, Now you are set to go for using the lawn mower.

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How To Charge a Lawn Mower Battery

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