How to Change Lawn Mower Oil

Changing the oil of your lawn mower is really important for its health. In order to get your lawn mower going well, you must change its oil regularly. In fact, it should be a part of your regular  maintenance. So, changing your lawn mower is regularly is a must. Now, the question is how to change the lawn mower oil?

Well, the process of changing lawn mower oil is very straight forward and it takes only a few minutes. In fact, you can do it by yourself without asking for help from an expert. Today, I am here to guide you all the way.

In this article, I will be talking about the detailed process following which you can change your lawn mower oil.

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How to Change Lawn Mower Oil

Bringing the essentials:

Your first step for changing the oil of your lawn mower should be bringing the essentials. You should make all the essentials ready before getting started. The essentials are:

  • Instruction manual
  • Jack.
  • New oil that you will be pouring.
  • Funnel.
  • Shop rags.
  • Oil pan.
  • Old newspaper.
  • Container for the disposal of previous oil.
  • Filter wrench or pipe wrench.
  • Socket wrench.

Preparing the mower

After collecting the essentials, your next step should be preparing your mower. For preparing your mower, at first, you will need to run your mower in order to make the fuel tank empty. You should run the mower until you find the tank is empty. It will also help in removing unexpected debris from your mower’s engine.

Now, take off the spark plug of your mower for avoiding any accidental start. Without it, it is better to use a shop towel for cleaning the debris and dirt around the oil cap area. Then, take off the dipstick or oil cap and keep it on a clean surface.

Draining oil from engine

Now, what type of mower do you own? If you own a riding mower, then you can use a jack for accessing the engine area where you will find the drain plug. On the other hand, if you own a push mower, then you will have to prop your mower up so that you can find the plug faces upward.

Then, place the newspaper you collected below your mower and also set the oil pan just under your mower drain plug. After that, use the socket wrench and make the drain plug loosen till you don’t find the oil is draining from the engine into the oil pan. Wait a few minutes and let the oil drain properly.

After draining the old oil, now you need to transfer your mowers old oil into a container from the oil pan. Then, keep the container aside so that it can’t make any disturbance to your work.

Replacing the oil filter

Well, replacing the oil filter is not mandatory if you find the filter is healthy. Basically, the duty of the oil filter is to stop the entrance of debris and dirt to the engine. If the debris can get into the engine, then it will cause a serious problem.

So, before refilling the oil, it is better to give a quick check to the oil filter. You can use your hand or filter wrench for removing the oil filter. After removing it, you need to clean the filter area. Usually, it is recommended to change the oil filter once a year.

Refilling the engine oil

Now, it’s time to refilling the oil. For this purpose, at first, you need to find the oil plug of your mower and removing it. You should also clean the plug area for avoiding engine infiltration. Then, your next task is placing the funnel into the engine of your mower where you removed the oil plug.

After that, you need to pour new oil into your mower’s crankcase. Remember, you should not get the oil tank full as it can cause several problems. You can check the oil amount you have added to the crankshaft. For this, you need to take and insert a clean dipstick into the dipstick shaft and then remove it. If you find the oil amount is accurate, then start pouring oil. Otherwise, you should add some oil till you are not satisfied.

Once you are done with filling the crankcase using lawn mower oil, now you have to replace the fill plug. Then, clean everything you find unexpected.

Restarting the mower

You are done with changing your lawn mower oil. Now, you should make the oil cap tighten. You also need to connect the spark plug again you have disconnected earlier. Then, restart your mower in an open area in case the mower emits smoke because of excess oil. That’s all. You are done with changing your lawn mower oil.

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