How to Adjust Self Propelled Lawn Mower

If you have a self propelled lawn mower, you may find that the speed at which it moves is not always ideal. Perhaps it goes too fast for your liking when you are trying to cut the grass, or maybe it doesn’t go fast enough and you find yourself getting tired quickly. Either way, it is possible to adjust the speed of a self propelled lawn mower with ease.

There are several things that you can do to adjust the speed of your self propelled lawn mower. Read on to find out more;

There are lots of tips you can apply to use this self propelled lawn mower. From all these tips, the most important tips for this lawn mower are adjusting the speed.

Most of the people using this machine but they do not know how to adjust speed on self propelled lawn mower. If you are using it, then you must know it. Let’s discuss it.

2 Steps to Adjust Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Most of the self propelled lawn mower is very much environment-friendly. Not only that, all the features those are included giving the user lots of options for controlling it.

Even you can control the speed of the movement and the speed of the blades. We said earlier that this type of machine comes with the simple mechanism.

That’s why controlling the speed of self propelled lawn mower is an easy and simple task.

Step 1

First of all, you need to work with the throttle level. There is a throttle lever in every self propelled lawn mower. Make sure that the engine is cold.

You need to turn the lever in a position which is known as the chock position. Now turn it again, but this time in the fast position. Which need to do because the engine is warm from recent uses. Start the mower you start before in the same process.

For this, you need to pull this starter grip. Ensure that the key switch is in on position. Otherwise, you cannot start the mower. You can control the speed of the mower after you start the mower.

The throttle lever which you use to make a chock position need to away. After moving away from the lever from the choke position to fast position you will feel that the engine is warm enough.

Your mower is ready to mow. Most of the people love to keep the throttle level in the fast position. It helps to rotate the blade that is used to cut the grass is fast.

In some self propelled lawn mower there is a yellow button which is used for the blade control lever. Press the yellow button to move the lever forward. You need to move it to the handlebar.

This is very much needed to start to rotate the blade when you are pushing the mower. On the exact opposite way, the rotation will stop if you release the lever.

Step 2

Now there is a drive clutch lever which also needs to push to the handlebar. It will start the propelling the mower. You can also move the drive clutch lever forward slowly.

It will help you to adjust the speed of the mower. You can decide your mower need to go faster or slower which this lever.


There is another option is available for self propelled lawn mower to control and adjust the speed. And that is a sift level. If you move this shift lever to the slow or fast position, then you can control the mower to go fast or slow.

But the most common use of this sift level is moving it to slow position to shut down the engine and stop the mower.

Adjusting the speed on self propelled lawn mower is not the last thing to control it. There are lots of facts which also a variable for adjusting the speed.

If these things are not perfect, then you cannot control the mower or adjust the speed as you want. So let’s talk about those facts which also influence the speed of the mower.


Most of the self propelled lawn mower comes with the combustion engine. This type of engines is totally powered by the fuel, which must be in liquid form.

For this type of engine, clogging is one of the most important issues which slow down the mower. If you want to adjust the speed, then the mower will not respond properly.

It also happens that when you are trying to make your mower faster than the engine goes down and shut off. Clogging is the main culprit for this problem. So, fix the clogging problem and you are free to adjust the speed again.

Blend of Fuel

Almost every fuel supplier employs a totally different blend of fuel. They use it on their mower gas or fuel tanks. Surprisingly the fuel may be the same as octane. Read also our guide for affordable Self Propelled Lawn Mower under 300.

There are also some exceptions. You can also find a blend of gasoline and corn alcohol. This blend uses due to reducing the impact on the environment. It is also cheaper than other fuel. But these types of blends have a massive impact on small engines.

If you are noticing that the speed of your mower, then you can check the fuel system. Maybe the blend is not a good solution for your mower. If it is not working well with your engine then adjustment of the speed will not work as you want.

Loss of Drive

Battery, motion drive belt fault, air trapped in transmission system also an obstacle for adjusting the speed. If the battery is low powered and you are trying to make the mower fast then it will not work.

You also need to check if there is any kind of wear or damages. If you fix this problem, then you will be able to adjust the speed again.

From the above discussion, we can say that adjusting the speed on self propelled is one of the most crucial tactics you need to adapt to do your job perfectly and according to your guidance.

All the aspect we discussed can influence the speed. If you learn how this thing works then you will easily understand how to control the speed as well.

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  1. My cordless, self-propelled, battery powered mower has developed a problem. The forward walking speed has started to run way too fast.
    Is the problem with the forward motion leaver or the variable speed leaver ??

  2. Not every lawnmower has a throttle lever, a lot are automatic nowadays. And it increases based on the engine load.

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