Great States 815-18 Push Reel Lawn Mower Review

If your budget is very little for lawn maintenance, the Great States 815-18 is definitely a top contender. I can’t help but recommend this one for those who have a small lawn.

Great States Corporation is working day and night to provide us the best lawn care tools. They have a variety of options available in their stock. They are careful about the environment too and they are doing it for a long time now. Almost 125 years it has been since the Great States came into this business.

Today I will be focusing on one of their most effective lawn maintenance tools. It’s a manual push mower that can keep any small lawn in its best condition for a long time. Plus, it will be a great exercise machine too due to all the pushing and walking.

Great States 815-18 Review At A Glance

The Great States 815-18 is a classic manual push reel mower with some clean-cut ability. The powerful blades will provide precise cuts every time. As this mower is a motor-less one, the functionality of this one is very basic and simple.

The harder you push, the better it will cut. The body of this mower is made of alloy steel. It has a very wide cutting reel to perform the operation. It is lightweight enough to maneuver around the lawn easily.


  • A quality option for small yards
  • Easy to push and handle
  • Lightweight body with compact size
  • Simple yet beautiful design
  • No maintenance required


  • Not a good option for tall grass

Great States 815-18 Review

Enough with the intro. Let’s give you exactly what you came here for. An in-depth review of this simple yet beautiful lawnmower.

Cutting Performance

Though you won’t be getting as power output as an electric mower or a gas mower, still it has a lot to offer. I mean you are not spending that much behind it to expect a monstrous performance, right? You just need a machine that can get the job done.

That’s exactly what the 815-18 mower will do. Just push it around your lawn once in a while and let those 5 blades attached to the reel handle the rest. The blades are alloy steel made which is heat-treated and will stay sharp for a long time.

The blades will provide a clean and precise cut every time you take the mower out for an operation. You have the flexibility to set the cutting height between 0.5” to 2.75” as this mower offers an adjustable cutting height feature. That’s pretty cool, right!

Easy Assembly

There aren’t many parts available in this mower so the assembly is simple too. The handle will need to be put together when the package arrives. Then you will have to attach the handle to the mower and that’s all you will need to assemble.

After attaching the handle, you are good to go and your mower is ready to cut. No more tension about the power source or fuel. You will be the power source and the fuel for this mower to work.

Comfortable Handle

The handle of this mower is more like “∩” this shape though the upside is flatter. It feels great holding the handle of this one. The handle is height adjustable too, so you can set it at your comfortable height.

Compact Size

Another great side of this mower is the compact size body. This feature makes it possible to use it no matter the age or height of the user. Oh, that previous statement applies as long as the user is 10+ years old just to be on the safe side. Otherwise, something unfortunate might happen.

The compact size also made the mower very lightweight. The alloy steel materials also have something to do with that too.

Cutting Deck

It offers a wide cutting reel of 18 inches. The wide-cutting deck will cover a large swath at one go. It will save your time too because of that wide cutting reel. You can easily cut any amount of area as long as you don’t get tired because this machine won’t. It won’t get tired from cutting the grass all day long.

Inexpensive Price Tag

Those who are not willing to spend a huge amount of money after lawn care should definitely consider this one. You won’t get much better options than this one within this same budget. It will surely provide the best value for the money.

Environment Friendly

No noise, no carbon emission, just quiet performance. That’s all the things you need to keep the environment in its best condition. This environment-friendly mower will keep your lawn and your body healthy. Plus, your neighbors won’t lose their sleeping privileges just because you are mowing.

They won’t have a clue that you are taking care of your lawn. With this one, you can enjoy mowing the lawn at any time of the day.

The Bad Parts

Nothing is hundred percent perfect, everything has their fair share of downsides. Luckily for us, the Great States 815-18 contains only a little downside. That problem is so minor that it can be easily ignored. Still, it is my job to point that out.

Not for Long Grass

The Great States 815-18 is a good option for small grasses but not for long grasses. It doesn’t handle long grass that well. For that, you will have to mow your lawn frequently so that the grasses don’t get the chance to grow much bigger.

Can Get Jammed By Twigs

If your lawn is in a tree-covered place then you should be concerned about this mower. This small mower’s cutting reel can get jammed even with small twigs.


If you are comfortable with mowing your lawn frequently, then this one will offer a lot of value. The easy-to-use functionality, compact body with lightweight yet strong building materials are great considering the price tag. This one should attract all small lawn owners out there.

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