Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower Review

It’s so unfortunate that these days, mowing lawns can become so difficult and even end up as a disaster instead of been fun. Although knowing how to mow effectively has a role to play in this, but your choice of mower contributes a larger quota to the result.

Therefore, we recommend the Fiskars lawn mower to everyone who desires good results plus fun when mowing. Whether you’re skillful when it comes to mowing or not, the use of a good mower would make your work worth the effort.

Keep reading this review as we unlock every truth about the Fiskars mower.

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Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower Review


  • 18 inches cutting width, which requires fewer passes
  • Does not need oil, gas, or fuel
  • Has easy and quick height adjustments
  • The InertiaDrive makes pushing through grass less stressful
  • Uphill traction is great, which allows it to go up and down a hill with ease
  • Leaves a nice clean cut like it were to be a pair of scissors


  • It is heavyweight and can be challenging if you want to make a turning
  • Comes to a halt when it comes into contact with sticks and debris
  • It does not mulch

Features of the Fiskars mower

Most times, we’d expect hand push mowers to look alike and even share some features. While this is true to some extent, the manufacturers of the Fiskars mower has disagreed with that and have gone ahead to add some unique features to the Fiskars mower. So take a look at the features of this mower.

Chain drive design

The best part of the Fiskars mower is its chain drive design, which most reel mowers lack. It is common to see reel mowers with a plastic gearing system, but one with a chain drive is hard to come by.

Owning to this great feature in the Fiskars mower, the rate at which its push is made easy has been put on a scale of 60%.

Needless to say that this feature also contributes greatly to its reel speed.

InertiaDrive technology

First, InertiaDrive technology deals with cutting reel with large diameter and very thick blades.

And, this is undeniably present in the Fiskars mower and responsible for its double cutting power.

As if that’s not enough, this feature allows you to cut through thick grasses that a regular reel mower cannot handle.

Fact- The InertiaDrive technology makes the Fiskars mower suitable for all grass types, including tough grasses like Zoysia and Bahia.

Long-lasting blade sharpness

The Fiskars mower blades are not just thick; they’re very sharp and remain so for a very long time. They cut using the StaySharp cutting system, which cuts grass without unwanted contact.

By that action, the blades do not wear out quickly and the need for annual sharpening of the blades are automatically ruled out.

What’s more? The blades are extended across the Fiskars mower full cutting width so as to get rid of uncut grasses under fences and close to your building foundation.

Customized ability

Whichever way you want the mower to serve you, it would be done. There’s room for you to change the grass chipping direction, shift the handle height, and adjust the cutting height.

With the Fiskars mower, your style in regard to your lawn mowing would be granted.

Reversible grass chute

The Fiskars mower does not cut your gas only but also takes care of the clippings.

It has a new reversible grass chute that helps you take care of messiness when mowing. Here’s how it works.

You can position the grass chute to direct clippings backward and downward or forward away from your feet.

The reversible grass chute feature on the Fiskars mower makes mowing tough patches less complicated.

Let’s watch a video review:

Benefits of the Fiskars mower

The Fiskars mower delivers twice the cutting power of standard reel mowers, thanks to its InertiaDrive technology. So, there’s room for you to mow effectively with the Fiskars mower and use limited efforts.

But there’s more. Every feature on the Fiskars mower is flexible enough to allow for easy adjustment. You want to adjust the cutting height or the touch handle height? Go ahead and suit your needs.

Whether your lawn is covered with light grasses or thick grasses, the Fiskars mower would do justice to that. It is ideal for all grass types.

Finally, this mower is good for your community and for your budget. Why? It is noise free and emission free, thus saving your environment from noise and gas pollution. For your pocket, it saves you more money because it does not require gas or oil for operation. It’s a simple but rugged lawn mower for this age.


Q) Can I use the Fiskars mower for a big lawn?
A) The Fiskars mower is effective for all kinds of grasses and lawn size. So, as long as you can handle it, you can use the Fiskars mower on big lawns.

Q) How frequently should I use the Fiskars mower for my lawn?
A) It’s best you use the Fiskars mower on your lawn regularly; it would be more effective that way. Because if you decide to wait a long time before mowing, it could become a tedious task for you instead of been easy.

Q) Would sticks get in the way of my Fiskars mower?
A) When mowing, you should be mindful of sticks and debris because they could bring your Fiskars mower to a halt. We recommend you first clear your lawn of debris before you start mowing with the Fiskars mower.

Q) Can I easily maneuver the Fiskars mower around a corner?
A) It will take additional effort from you to maneuver the Fiskars mower around a corner because the Fiskars mower is a bit heavy. But, pushing on a straight path is more comfortable with the Fiskars mower.


No gas! No fuel! No cords! The Fiskars mower is a simple and powerful reel mower capable of taking care of any type of grass on your lawn.

It’s worth the money that’s for sure.

Fiskars 362050 1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower Review

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