Earthwise 50520 20-inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise 50520 20 inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Have you seen a well-cut and maintained lawn that you have been admiring? Do you wish the same for your lawn? Well, you must be cognizant that a good-looking lawn is a result of two critical factors.

First of all, it is a dedicated mower user and a high performing mower. For the fact you are here, I am sure that of your dedication to having a perfectly mowed lawn. Let’s now deal with the latter.

Which is that mower that will promise a beautiful lawn to gaze at or take pictures? Allow me to introduce you to the Earthwise corded electric mower. I also heard a lot of its buzz over the internet, but the skeptical part of me forced me to test it practically. I will present my findings in this review.


  • A super-powerful motor to cut with high efficiency and fast speed
  • Due to its wide cutting width, you will make lesser movements
  • Its wheels are optimized for maneuverability
  • You can adjust the height to reduce the back strains
  • While storing, you can fold the handles to occupy lesser space


  • It is corded, hence poses cutting radius limitations
  • Has no full bag indicator

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Features of Earthwise 50520 20-inch Mower

12 AMP motor

Before I jump right ahead, let me explain why you should consider a high power rating.

A high motor rating means that the tool can run for more extended periods without decreasing its efficiency. If you have used a mower with a lower motor rating for a more extended period, you might have noticed after some time, it tears down the grass rather than smoothly cutting it.

Also, a high motor rating assures that the tool can work at a fast speed. Well, no one is ready to spend hours on a small piece of work.

Most mowers have a motor rating of 10AMP, but the Earthwise mower motor rating is higher with two amps, that is, 12 amps rating. Consequently, its run time is very high and doesn’t compromise on efficiency.

Above that, its blade will cut fast to get things done in the shortest time possible.

20” cutting width

Another key thing when looking for a promising mower is its cutting width. Ideally, the wider the cutting width, the lesser the pushes; hence the faster the tool is.

For that reason, this mower has a very extended cutting width of 20’’. That is above the typical cutting width in other mowers, which usually range at 16.”

The catch?

In a single push, you will cover an extensive surface area, which will reduce the number of pushes you need to make.

3-in1- device

Finding a multipurpose device significantly saves on your energy. Instead of paying for two different tools for the two distinct functionalities, you will have to pay for a single tool that will serve the two functionalities. Hence, it is quite economical.

That is among the key reasons why every person who has acquired this mower remains thankful.

It has up to 3 different functionalities, which are all optimized to give the most incredible performance. Resultantly, you can use it for not only mowing but also bagging and mulching.

Compact design

Maybe you have heard most of the manufacturers brag about how compact their items are and wondered what’s so significant about that. The compact design promises a tool that is effortless to store. That is, it takes lesser of the surface area in the storage room. That much helps if you have limited storage space.

Without much brainstorming, you can now guess why the manufacturer of this high performing mower had to incorporate the compact design.

Still, you can also fold the handles to reduce the space they will be covering.

Irrefutably, it is an easy-to-store item.

Height adjustment and cushioned handle

Lastly, this mower is safe for your back and hands. Yes, even if you will be mowing for extended periods.


It has an adjustable height positioning feature. Consequently, you can adjust to the appropriate height to avoid bending your back. Similarly, the handles have maximum padding to offer a comfy grip.

Benefits of Earthwise 50520 20-inch Corded Mower

I am speechless in this; what can we expect from a mower with a 12AMP motor, three optimized functionalities,  fantastic wheels, and even height adjustability?

Your guess was right! With that type of motor, it will cut anything along its way smoothly and accurately. Even better, it assures that it will run for very extended sessions without decreasing its efficiency.

Yet, with the adjustable height positioning and the cushioned handles, there will be less back and hand strains.

Finally, in combination with its lightweight and excellent wheel system, you can be sure of maximum maneuverability, saving up your energy.

Frequently asked questions

What is its cutting width?

This incredible multi purpose has a cutting width of 20 inches.

Can I adjust its height?

Sure. This mower has a height-adjustable positioning. Even better, it has an extensive height adjusting range of 1.75 inches up to 4 inches.  Also, to add on the comfort promising features, its handle has strategic positioning and a high density cushioning to save your hands from straining.

How extended is its warranty?

At a new purchase, its warranty lasts for two years.

Can I use this mower to mulch?

This mower has three high performing functionalities. That is mowing, mulching, and bagging. Thus you can consider this mower for mulching.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, I would recommend this mower if you don’t have a thing against corded electric mowers.

It gives the smoothest cuts even after using it for long hours and still can be used for mowing and bagging.

Also, it operates at a fast speed and has a wider cutting width to get things done faster.  Check out this review for more details.

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