Can You Use Car Oil in a Lawn Mower?

It is seen that lots of lawn mowers get confused about they can use their car oil in a lawn mower or not. Actually, oil is an important thing for a lawn mower to work properly. It helps your lawn mower functioning properly. So, if you want to get the best from your lawnmower, then you must have to take care of this issue.

However, In this article, I will try to cover all the issues related to your lawn mower oil. I hope all your confusion will be cleared after going through my article.

At first, let me clear your confusion. Your answer to the question of whether you can use your car oil in your lawn mower or not is- yes. You can use the same oil in your lawn mower that you use in your car. But, before that, you need to know some basic things before moving into the next step.

Oil Quality of Lawnmower

In general, your lawn mower needs high-quality and higher-priced oil. You need to bring quality oil. For example, you can go for the SAE 30 oil for your lawn mower. You should not use any kind of oil. It will decrease your lawn mower performance.

However, although the oil SAE 30 I mentioned is a good quality oil, it is better not to go blindly according to my decision. At first, you should check your lawn mower owner’s manual whether there is any recommendation or not. If you find any recommendation, then it’s better to go for the exact one.

What if your lawn mower manual does not talk about any specific oil and you want to use your car oil. Here is a thing to consider, your car can run fine with low-quality oil. So, whether you can use your car oil in your lawn mower or not is totally depends on the quality of oil you used in your car.

Accounting for Engine ize:

Your engine size matters much when you talk about bringing oil for your lawn mower. You need to go to the right one. A wrong match between the latter and former can be explosively awful. So, when you talk about getting oil, you need to consider the size of the latter and also the viscosity of your former.

There are several types of lawnmower oil. You have to get the accurate one that fits well for the size and also the motor type that basically included in the lawn mower.

However, as you are thinking about using your car oil in your lawn mower. You should keep in mind that not all car oil is not compatible with your lawn mower viscosity-wise.

When should I Change the Oil of My Lawnmower?

Well, you must know when you need to change your lawn mower oil. It may seem a bit surprising but it this true that you need to change your lawn mower oil as often you change your car oil. There are some contradictions though.

My recommendation is to change the lawn mower oil in every mowing season. This is a bit of general advice, not must-do advice. It depends actually on how often you use your lawn mower and how old is your lawn mower oil.

Without it, there is a common assumption that, if you see smoke while running your lawn mower, then you have to understand that it’s time to change your lawn mower oil. You can check your lawn mower engine dipstick though. If you find your dipstick is dirty or black, then you need to change the oil.

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How can I Change the Oil in my Lawnmower?

Once you think that it’s time to change your lawn mower oil, then it’s better to go for that without spending much time. Changing your lawn mower oil is a piece of cake. It will not ask you many things to do. I assume that you have already got the oil that you need to pour into your lawn mower.

Then, your lawn mower is supposed to be equipped with an oil drail plug if it is a modern model. If so, then your task will be much easier to complete.

After that, check whether your oil tank is totally empty or not. Because you need to add according to the entire oil quantity of your oil tank. Obviously, you won’t want to overfill your tank.

Moreover, pouring out existing oil before refilling new oil is a good idea. It will ensure that different type of oil is not mixing up which may lead to a problem if the consistency of the oil is radically different.

Can You Use Car Oil in a Lawn Mower

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