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Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills Review 2021

Best Zero Turn MowerOne of the important recurrent tasks in the home is to mow the lawn and as such a mower is vital to having a great and nice ambiance from a well-trimmed lawn and environment.

Lawn mowers have been in existence for years before and still exist now in various types based on functionality and purpose.

There are reel mowers, electric mowers, gas-powered mowers, best zero turn mowers and many more. The perfect mower to effectively get a wide large portion mowed in no time with great efficiency is the zero turn mower that provides easy handling and great maneuvering and movement.

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Based on these many features provided by zero turn mowers, many have bought and many more are willing to buy. If you desire to know which of the zero turn mowers perfectly fit your purpose, then you need to read my comprehensive zero turn mower reviews below.

The 5 Best Zero Turn Mower for Hills Reviews & Comparison

Having a few through my zero turn mower reviews of 5 different brands, a tabular representation of key features for easy and simple comparison of the ability of each of the zero turn mowers is important and given below.

NameMower TypeWeightDimensionsPrice On Amazon
Husqvarna MZ61Zero Turn770 pounds75.5 x 76 x 42Check Price
Poulan P46ZXZero Turn750 pounds78 x 61.5 x 35.5Check Price
Troy-Bilt WC33Zero Turn323 pounds57.2 x 39 x 34.5Check Price
Ariens Zoom 42Zero Turn440 poundsNACheck Price

#1. Husqvarna MZ61

This is one of the top-rated zero turn mowers and it is so due to the massive features that ensure quality and desired to cut of grasses in a lawn. The Husqvarna mower is capable of working on a large size lawn of up to 4 hectares.

It possesses a 3 blade cutting system, a 61-inch cutting deck that is fabricated, a powerful 27 HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance V-twin engine, and an easy start with no need for a choke.

The mower can mulch, discharge and as expected, move around easily to maneuver its ways around obstacles while mowing,

  • High-speed ability, superior maneuvering and safety control
  • An efficient and effective 27 HP Briggs Stratton V-twin engine
  • High seat made of vinyl for improved comfort
  • Has adjustable blades for cutting heights
  • Extra wide 61-inch deck for cutting
  • It has no deal breakers
  • It is bit of expensive

#2. Poulan Pro P46ZX

This is an entry-level zero turn mower that is embedded with features that ensure impressive lawn cutting, trimming, and absolute directional maneuvering.

Like a typical zero turn mower, it comes with a powerful engine that can achieve nice mowing within a short period. It uses a hydro-gear transmission & electric clutch system that provides a smooth ride. Users can easily operate this mower and mow around obstacles like trees and houses.

The Poulan Pro mower reduces the mowing time of a large portion of lawn by half while the adjustable cutting heights features can easily help users determine the cutting options.

  • Poulan Pro zero turn mower is fast and ensures great movements against obstacle
  • It cuts well with its powerful 22HP engine
  • It is very easy to operate and economical as a riding lawn mower
  • The mower is very easy to refuel
  • It has a high-backed seat that makes turning something difficult
  • It has a smaller cutting deck than most Zone turn mowers


#3. Troy-Bilt WC33 420cc

This is a perfect mower when you want to mow a large portion of lawn within a short time as it can mow a 33-inch space at every movement powered by a very efficient and powerful 4-rear wheel drive forward speeds.

It has a 33 inches twin blades cutting deck for good and nice cutting. It is a huge zero turn mower that is designed to be pushed from behind and with an effective maneuvering movement back and forth as it works on the lawn.

The operation is easy and simple and it involves just the turn of a key to start. It is powered by gas and has a clear-view gas tank which shows the level of usage. The mower has the ability to mulch and discharge it at the sides while the bagging options are also functional for users to decide on.

  • Cuts a wide path and starts up easily
  • It has a powerful engine, effective zero turn ability and adjustable cutting heights
  • It can mulch and discharge on the side
  • It has a clear-view tank to determine the gas level
  • It has a deck cleaning attachment for durability
  • Sounds loud when mowing
  • Mower requires little energy to use


#4. Ariens Zoom 42 – 19hp Kohler

This is a very functional type of best zero-turn riding mower that boosts very functional movement and maneuvering for easy cutting and skipping through obstacles.

It has a 19 HP Kohler engine, cooling fans, and large hydraulic reservoirs to ease and prevent overheating and a 3-way blade for improved cutting with reduced scalping.

The blades are 43 inches wide and good enough to capture the wider portion of lawn grasses to mow while the complete operation is very easy as it produces less vibration as it mows about a large portion of lawn grasses.

  • It has a 19 HP Kohler engine with twin cylinder
  • Possess a 42 inch stamped steel deck and an anti-scalp wheel
  • Users can adjust the cutting height with a handy lever
  • Adjustable padded seat and 3-way armrest
  • Has an integrated wash port
  • Its exhaust usually get hot
  • It has difficulties in cutting dampened and tall grasses

#5. Big Top Zero Turn Lawnmower Canopy

The process of mowing a large portion can be very challenging especially when the sun is scorching but with a big top zero lawnmower canopy, it’s a time to enjoy the shade while mowing.

This is a mower that can be easily be installed by a little screwing and drilling to have it function well with several features including about 29 inches to 36 inches roll-bars and efficient movements and maneuvering with mowing speed that ensures time-saving on every task.

The canopy is made of 1/8 inches, ultraviolet light resistance and crack-proof polyethylene materials that keep users away from Sun while on the riding mower.

  • It canopy feature provides needed shade for easy mowing on a sunny day
  • It has fitting roll bars
  • It is very easy to install and operate
  • Lightweight materials that aided movement while mowing
  • Best for users with skin cancer
  • The plastic top is somehow twisted and warped

Buyer’s Guide for Zero Turn Lawn Mower for Hills

Lawn mowers are quite useful and required to cut and maintain nicely looking lawns of various sizes.

Zero Turn Mower Buyer's Guide

Mowers are of various types and based on their ability to work, some are termed as an entry-level made for a small portion of the lawn while some are specifically made for commercial mowing and these are called Zero Turn lawn mowers.

There are various types of zero turn mowers designed and fabricated by different brands with each having differences in engine capacity, blade type, and many other features.

Individuals must understand these differences and watch out for them in other to make a good decision when buying zero turn lawn mowers. Below are the tips and information you need to have a great buy on your next visit to the store to buy the best zero turn lawn mower for hills

Deck Sizes

The deck size of any zero turn lawn mower is very important and vital to its efficiency as regards how much passes it will take to finish a mowing task of a wide lawn field. We all know that zero turn mowers are made for large lawn and finishing the tasks faster depends on how wide and large the deck size of the lawn mower. You will, however, need a wide storage space to keep a mower with a wide deck size.

Engine Capacity and Size

This is another very important factor to watch out for when purchasing a zero turn lawn mower. Maybe you desire cheap zero turn mowers or a top-rated one, you must know the capacity and the size of your engine. Most zero turn lawn mowers have a powerful engine of various horsepower. Engine capacity determines how tough a lawn mower is and when you are mowing against tough and highly resistant grasses like Bermuda grass, you need a mower with a good engine power.


Mowing a lawn is perhaps not one of the most interesting tasks for anyone and this means that when getting the best zero turn mowers for hills, you must be certain about the speedo its operation. Many zero turn mowers have a speed ranging from 13mph to 14mph and it is an indication of how fast the mowing task will be completed.


Price is a factor to consider when you are buying a zero turn mower and this is not about sacrificing quality for quantifying. There are cheap zero turn lawn mowers and high-end types but if you can get all the features you need in a medium-priced type then you don’t need to get the expensive ones. Let you need to decide what you buy and match your budget with it to have a nice and very functional zero turn mower.


Most of the Zero turn mowers come with the traditional control system. Dual Lever is the most common control system for this mower. But manufacturing companies are making some changes to the system.

The two levers are very much essential for distributing power. This distributed power will guide to one of the two rear wheels. If you can keep both levers at the same level for the power distribution, then the mower will turn in a straight line.

This power lever is everything from guiding the mower. If you push specifically one lever for higher then the impact will follow the line of the mower. The mower will move in a curved line.

But most of the people who are using this mower for the first time will face some problem for getting used to with it. It will take lots of time to become a perfectionist for the controller.

Much practice will increase your skill. In recent times, some zero turn mower comes with the joystick which is much easier to control the mower than the dual lever system.

Not only the easiest control system you have just used a joystick, but give you more free space to move your hand. Some people said that from their personal experience joystick is more responsive, more than the dual lever system.

So, determine first before buying the Zero turn mower which types of control you will prefer for your comfort.

The width of cutting

You will find lots of differences because of the change of some specific parts of the Zero turn mower. But the basic difference is the engine. The change of an engine is a major difference for the hob.

Maybe you have a powerful engine but do not cut properly, then it will be a waste of your money and time.

If your Zero turn mower has a good cutting width, then you’ve done half of your job. Some people try to buy the biggest Zero turn mower because they think cutting width put a massive impact on the cutting session.

But this idea is totally wrong. May there are some of the garden available in the lawn. All the garden may decorate with various types of plants. So when you are cutting the grass, you need to ensure that that plant life is secure enough from the cutting width.

To ensure the cutting width, then you need a wide platform. This platform will take care of the largest part of the mower. So before buying a Zero turn mower, then keep in mind about the cutting width.

Frequently Asked Question about Zero Turn Mowers

People may have several questions about Zero Turn Mowers and below are some of the most frequently asked.

Q: Which is the best fuel option?
Ans: There are several fuel options for Zero Turn lawn mowers such as propane gas, diesel, gasoline, and flex fuel. Propane gas is much economical to use if you have a propane gas station close to you.
Q: Which discharge option is preferable when choosing zero turn lawn mower?
Ans: You can choose between buying zero turn lawn mowers with side discharge or rear discharge. Based on how discharge occurs, rear discharge is a better option and zero turn mowers that offer it cost more. Side discharge of grass, the grass has to move from the left side to the center and the right side for discharge. The rear discharge is faster as it only cuts and dumps the dump the grass behind the mower.
Q: What is the perfect Deck Size?
Ans: Deck Size determines the number of times a zero turn lawn mower passes before it finishes the task of mowing. The wider the deck, the better, however, perfect deck size can be between 30 inch to 46 inch cutting deck to most mowers. You, however, need space to store mowers in your home with a wider deck than mowers with less wide decks.
Reputable Brands You can trust for Zero Turn Mowers

Many devices, products, and items are found in online and offline stores but many individuals always want to buy the product they can trust.

This is the same for Zero Turn mowers which come in a range of several types and capacities made by different manufacturers. In all of these, individuals may seek to know the reputable brands known over the years for quality and durable zero turn lawn mowers before buying any product.

Who makes the best zero turn mower?

Poulan, Husqvarna, Ariens, Troy-Bilt, Kubota are some of the brands that manufacture top rated zero turn lawn mowers, and buyers should consider these brands when buying riding mowers.

  • Kubota: This is a Japanese brand which has started manufacturing mowers 120 years ago and the brand has always improved on all its products ever since. Kubota’s range of Z series offers much quality while the z-turn mowers are indeed nice and impressive. Kubota is good to be and to rely on.
  • Husqvarna: This is a very famous brand of many types of mowers including the zero turn lawn mowers. This brand can match the best zero turn lawn mowers and based on several products it has designed and manufactured that boast ease of operation and vibration protection features amidst other functions. You can rest assured about this brand for your riding mowers.
  • Ariens: This is another very reputable brand for lawn mowers and other equipment since 1933 when the company was founded. The British company boast of some very high end and top lawn mowers having zero degree turning radius, which possesses nice features that users will definitely love. On top of this, the brand focus on durability as a great part of any best zero turn lawn mowers. Ariens still provide nice mowers and getting from this brand is not a bad idea.

In Conclusion, individuals seeking to buy a best zero turn lawn mower for hills must have gotten good and nice information about the product to buy from the reviews which are well researched, the buyer’s guide which clearly states the factors to check when buying the lawn mowers and the list of some trusted brands.

From all this information, you should be able to choose the perfect mower for your need without much ado and this is why you need to read more of my reviews on this website. Do get yourself a nice zero turn lawn mower and read on other reviews to help buy other products.


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