American Lawn Mower 1415-16 Review

You must have been hearing about the American Lawn Mower lately, but I bet you don’t know all it entails. What if I give you thorough scrutiny about this mower right now and right here? Sounds good? Very well then, you have what you ask for.

But first, it’s important for you to know that this brand has been active since 1895. Yes, they have to weather all kinds of the storm in a bit to bring quality lawnmowers to Americans. Still, let’s get down to scrutinizing the American Lawn Mower.

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  • It is easy to use and assemble
  • Has zero negative effect on the environment because there are no emission
  • Solid design and would last for many years
  • Works great even on thick grasses
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean after use


  • It may push down grasses rather than getting them cut
  • Not ideal for big sized lawns
  • The parts and screws may keep falling off

Features of the American Lawn Mower

You can now say goodbye to noisy motor lawnmowers that would only work with the help of gas, oil, or fuel when you buy the American Lawn Mower. Also, it is lightweight and works so well. Check out the fantastic features of this lawnmower.


Ten minutes! And you’re done! That’s how ridiculously easy it is to assemble the American Lawn Mower. You do not need a tool to fix this.

And the best part? Your kids can put this piece together. So, if you are a tad busy to cut your lawn, you can beckon on your kids for help.

Aside from the easy assembly, it is also easy to use thanks to the cushioned handle that offers great comfort.

16 inches cutting width and 32 pounds body weight

The American Lawn Mower comes with a 16 inches cutting width and also weighs 32 pounds.

Prior to these measurements, this lawn mower is lightweight and you can push it around and on your lawn with so much ease.

What about its storage? Since this lawn mower is not heavy, you can carry it single-handedly to your storage shed. And, the good news is that the American Lawn Mower is compact and uses up limited space for storage.


If you are searching for a green lawn mower, the American Lawn Mower is a good choice.

To begin with, it is an emission free lawn mower since it lacks a motor and does not utilize gas or fuel. Again, you would be protecting yourself from gas fumes that are common with motored lawn mowers.

Do noisy lawn mowers hurt you hard? Yeah, me too! Then it hit me hard when I got a zero noise mowing with the American Lawn Mower. You would love it, as it’s completely green and noise free.

High quality reels and blades

Of course, the reels and the blades are the two main parts of a hand push lawn mower because they get the job done.

Fortunately, the manufacturers of the American Lawn Mower bore this in mind and gave it top-notch reels and blades. Both the blades and the reels are made with heat-treated alloy steel and are held in place with an unbreakable steel plate.

This mower is a 5- blade hand push mower whose cutting height can be adjusted within the range of 1inches to 2.5 inches.

Additionally, the blades are strong enough to cut grasses up to 4 inches in height.

But a warning. For a smooth running of the American Lawn Mower, you should lubricate the blades and the reels from time to time.

Also, don’t forget to sharpen the blades periodically to ensure a precise and clean cut.

10 inches polymer wheel

In case you are wondering if the American Lawn Mower can be easily maneuver, I bet you are still underestimating this lawn mower.

It has 10 inches strong composite wheels that allow for easy maneuverability. And, because this mower is lightweight, maneuverability has been rated 100%.

What is the benefit of cutting with the American Lawn Mower?

Are you trying to cut down on your expenses and still give value to your lawn? This is where the American Lawn Mower comes in because there are no fuel costs, oil, gas, and maintenance costs that are common with gas lawn mowers.

Years after buying the American Lawn Mower, it would still be in shape provided the blades are periodically sharpened and maintained.

Yes, you would be causing no harm to the environment and yourself with the American Lawn Mower.


Q) How long will the American Lawn Mower last?
A) The American Lawn Mower is made with sturdy materials and has a solid construction that would last a long time. If properly maintained, the American Lawn Mower can serve you for a period of 10-20 years.

Q) How does the American Lawn Mower cut the grass on my lawn?
A) The American Lawn Mower employs the use of its tempered alloy steel blades to gently cut the grass evenly across your lawn and ensures your leaves are not shredded.

Q) What age can use the American Lawn Mower for mowing?
A) Because the American Lawn Mower is lightweight and has easy maneuverability, children from the ages of 12 and above can operate the American Lawn Mower.

Q) Can I use the American Lawn Mower for exercise?
A) The truth is that mowing itself is an exercise, but the American Lawn Mower has proven to improve the cardiovascular health of those that mow with it and also help them keep fit.


Are you ready to enjoy a comfortable yet durable and planet-conscious lawn mower? Over 120 years and still counting, the American Lawn Mower Company has been delivering what they promise.

The American Lawn Mower is solely dependent on man-power, but you would be making a mistake to think that it’s a stressful kind of lawn mower. Do yourself and your kids a favor by clicking here to buy the American Lawn Mower for your yard work.

I’d love to hear from you when you do that! Regards!

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