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Best Aerogarden Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Aerogarden Reviews

Have you ever thought about having the freshest of herbs, veggies right from the garden to the plate? But you don’t have the time or space in the backyard to grow those things or nor you have the patience.

The best AeroGarden reviews solve all the problem with just one innovation:

Indoor garden bowls.

That’s right! Now, you can grow plants right on the kitchen countertop right beside the stove. Just pick those fresh tomatoes and start stirring them on the stove or get some fresh herbs to make some salad. All that can be done with the revolutionary AeroGarden systems.

Want to have that? Then check out the reviews.

7 Best Aerogarden Review and Comparison

What kind of AeroGarden meets your needs? If you’re not sure about that, then the reviews below will help you figure out just that.

1. AeroGarden Bounty Elite Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden

For the home garden system, the AeroGarden Bounty elite is a top choice. Without any soil and mess, you can grow plants in this stainless steel bowl.

You can grow 9 plants at once, and they sprout as tall as 24 inches. Just fill in water, and insert the pre-seeded pods and let them grow.

The 50 watts LED light offers enough lighting to help the plants to grow fast. What’s interesting is that the smart garden turns the light on and off automatically. Just schedule the timer once, and based on that setting, the lights will turn on and off. Even you can control the light settings to ensure when the sunlight effect should be full and when it should be dimmer.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite is smart in every sense of the word. Unlike regular gardening, there is no guesswork involved. There is a LED display that tells you when to add plant food or water to it. Not only that, you’ve got a simple touch screen control panel to change settings. And you don’t always have to be there to take care of things. When you’re away, turn the vacation mode on, and the AeroGarden will take care of it.

And using the app or Alexa, you can track your plants. Not just that, being away, you can still make changes to settings like the light to have control over the growth of the veggies on your kitchen counter.

Setting up a garden has never been easier. With the quick guide, the Bounty Elite shows you every step to set the bowl to the right setting to have the perfect environment for the plant you’re trying to germinate.


  • Water level indicator
  • No soil, no mess gardening
  • Alexa support
  • Automatic light setting
  • Simple control


  • A bit noisy

2. AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden:

Like the earlier elite, you can have scheduled lighting for the garden with the AeroGarden basic. And that’s not all as there is a lot that is similar between the two.

All the Bounty models offer a lot of space to grow plants. No different as you’ve got 9 pods that can let the veggies and flower grow as tall as 24 inches. And it doesn’t take a lot of time for the seeds to sprout. The non-GMO seeds work real fast.

Besides that, the vacation mode is also in the play. The bounty limits the water consumption of the plants by 50% when you’re not there to fill up the water tank. At the same time, the 30-watts LED light works around the clock with the setting given to provide the right amount of light to the seeds.

And that nice display at the bottom of the Basic is also there to remind about the water level and plant food. With features like a quick plant, you can get up and running with the type of gardening you’re trying to do. And the tips feature is there to help you know what way you can get the best results.

You’ve to give props to AeroGarden as it got a large and quality deck. There is no leakage of any sort that might cause you trouble. The large water fills don’t spill anything. Plus, it got that modern look and feel which makes it the perfect companion for today’s kitchen.


  • WiFi support
  • Automatic light control
  • Quick growing
  • User-friendly


  • Light is too bright

3. AeroGarden Harvest-Black Indoor Hydroponic Garden

For indoor gardening, you can go to the AeroGarden Harvest. The fact this one is more compact makes it easier to find room for it inside the home.

With the Hydroponic garden, you can grow 6 plants at a time. You will get 6 gourmet herb seed kit that come with it to get your garden up running. With the natural plant nutrients offered by them, they will be enough for the whole season’s growth.

And hydroponic gardening means, no soil-plotted plants indoor,no fertilizer. Just fill the reservoir with water and the nutrients and that’s it. Still, you will enjoy 5x times more growth than regular gardening.

To help with the sprouting, right above your 12″ tall plants is a LED light system. With various color lights produced by the 20-watt lighting system, it mimics the different sun atmosphere to help with the plant’s growth. For example, the perfect spectrum of blue light to get the plants bigger to get more harvest, or the red light that helps to get blooms which results in more fruit.

Doing all that, I love the fact, the lights don’t draw a lot of power. Therefore it doesn’t cost you a lot.

Besides the reminder system like all the other AeroGarden helps you know when to add the nutrients or water. That’s why it guarantees germination.

Plus, getting the Harvest to go with your home décor won’t be that bothersome. It comes in a lot of varieties of color to help you compliment your interior with it. If you want to start gardening without a green thumb, this is the one to go for, no doubt.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Guaranteed germination
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comes in various colors
  • Easy to use touch panel


  • No LCD display

4. AeroGarden, Black Farm Plus, Hydroponic Garden

If you need to grow a lot of fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies inside the house, then aerogarden farm plus is the way to go.

Compared to others, it takes more space but it is small enough to fit any kitchen or indoor space.

What makes it different from the rest is that you can grow different size plants. It got two sides where one allows it to grow a maximum of 24 inches tall.

Also, you can have two configurations for those two compartments. You can grow fruits and veggies for the whole family at the same time.

Talking about a unique model, it got an Eco-cycle kit that can turn an Aquarium tank into a source of nutrients. You can use fish waste for the nutrients of the plants. And the best part, no need to change the water.

Besides that 20-gallon water system, you have got a 60 watt LED grow light system. You can control the lighting accordingly for the two parts. You don’t have to do that being present as the WiFi connectivity allows you to do things from the smartphone.

Also, you get alerts on the phone when there is a need for management. However, if you’re planning to use the app, then go with a  larger display like a tablet as it for some reason works better on them.

Or do the old way and use the touch control panel that is on top of the farm plus.


  • Large garden
  • Eco-cycle system.
  • GOM free harvesting
  • Great lighting system
  • 100% Germination rate


  • Maybe too big for small kitchen or spaces

5. AeroGarden Ultra (LED) with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

This is arguably the best indoor herb and vegetable growing kit made by Aerogarden and this is due to its numerous additional features that ensure easy and quality planting. The kit allows for extra seed growth while making the total pod space up to 7.

The LCD screen is very intuitive and helps you manage the veg planting with nice tips. The led lighting is a phenomenon with a 30W capacity and it lights so well to reach every of the 7 growing plants.

This kit looks great on the countertop with a large size big enough to accommodate all plants. The LED is well positioned at a good height to allow plants upward growth while buyers have the freedom to use their own seeds or seeds provided by the manufacturer.

  • It has a great look and design
  • It is very cheap to use and maintain
  • Accommodates up to 7 plants and grow them in few days after set up
  • It features a quite pump
  • Its made of a seemingly flimsy plastic

6. AeroGarden Bounty

The Aerogarden bounty seed pod kit is truly made for bounty harvest as it offers users up to 9 seed pods space to grow different veggies and herbs.

This device is well designed and it has a very nice and easy-to-use LCD touch screen that gives all planting information such as watering and fertilizing.

It also has a very efficient 45W LED grow light that automatically turns on and off for maximum lighting for plant growth. Another very impressive feature is the energy conserving nature of the led grow light to help you cut down on the electricity bill.

The bounty device is well designed with the same dimension like the 7 pod containing kits and users can decide to grow Aerogarden seed or theirs easily with fast and rapid growth.

  • Offers much rapid growth for plants
  • The device has a seed pod kit
  • It features a nice and very effective touch screen and automated LED lighting
  • It can contain up to 9 plant pods and grow the plants separately
  • Has a design good for the countertop despite accommodating a massive 9 pods
  • Features Wi-Fi connectivity with user smartphone
  • It has no water level window
  • It is costlier than most other Aerogarden models

7. Aerogarden Extra Led

This is much like the Aerogarden led as it also features 7 pods to grow different plants in a super-fast condition. The extra led indoor growing kit has an LCD display screen that shows up tips, activities, and details of the leafy vegetables and herbs being grown and with a tap of a button to control various activities.

The automatic features turn on and off the LED grow light based on plant requirement. A 30Watt LED grow light is very functional and help this indoor growing device achieve better growing that soil medium.

The lights have a 24 inches hood and it is at a good height to allow plants vertical growth.

Aerogarden LED Extra can be placed on a countertop just like its Led version due to similar kit dimension as well as the high yielding potential to ensure you get your favourite herbs and veggies all year round.

  • It has an effective Led lighting for fast growing
  • The LCD display is nice and makes operation easier
  • Fits a countertop despite the 7 pod kits
  • It can grow up to 7 plants
  • It includes planting nutrients from the manufacturer
  • It is a bit costly
  • Its hood mat get weak after 2 years of use

8. Aerogarden Sprout Led (WHITE)

This is a mini and smart indoor hydroponic growing device with the smallest size from the models of the collection in Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Reviews.

The device despite its small size still offers impressive smart features that include; high lighting capacity with its 10Watt led light, space, and dimension good for the kitchen to offer 3 plants all year round, automatic lighting functions and high and efficient sprouting rate.

The device does not hinder the vertical growth of plants as it has an adjustable arm that offers the space. The device makes it easy to add water and nutrients as it alerts you when needed.

The pod gourmet involves Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley and Dill with some patented nutrients that can last a whole season.

  • Affordable for Garden Lover
  • Able to be use in kitchen
  • Awesome Looking
  • Automatic Lighting Fetures
  • Need to clean Frequently

9. Aerogarden Spout Led (BLACK)

This is probably the smallest size of all Aerogarden indoor hydroponic growing kits and it can only grow 3 plants at a time. Based on its capacity, the sprout Led device has a 10 watt Led lights that work effectively to supply needed lighting to the plants.

The device is small and can be a perfect starter herb garden for the kitchen and supply all the herbs, salad greens, and veggies that you always need. This device ensures the seeds sprout in few days after set up and the Led light works on auto function.

Its dimension is small but it offers enough space for the 3 plants tom spread well out. The adjustable arm is also very effective as it can above a foot in height to allow unhindered growth.

  • It is very affordable
  • Made to be part of a kitchen with its small size
  • It spouts fast and easily
  • Has auto lighting features that turn off and on
  • It requires frequent cleaning
  • Aerator may get clogged

Final Words on Best AeroGarden

From the review of best AeroGarden, you can see that gardening has never been easier. Especially now, more than ever, you can grow your favorite veggies, salad greens, and herbs indoors even if the weather isn’t suitable in your area.

That’s the change that MiracleGro AeroGarden brought to life.

And if you want to enjoy that change, then go with any of the AeroGarden. But if you’re having some trouble with which one to get then I would say think about the space you’ve got. For a small kitchen or any home, the Harvest is the best choice for its small size.

However, if you want to serve food grown by you for your family, then eye for the aerogarden farm plus, no doubt. With its Eco-Cycle system of gardening, it is the most unique option of the lot. But it requires more space inside.

So, think about those things and go with anyone you like. At the end of the day, you will be happy with whatever you get from here.

Buyer’s Guide for Hydroponic Indoor Garden

The major importance of the indoor garden kit has been enhanced and made popular recently has people now want to consume and eat more of natural food and delicacies.

Buyer's Guide for Hydroponic Indoor Garden

For herbs, vegetables and fruits known to be very beneficial health wise, eating them throughout the year are practically impossible because of the changes in season and weather and for this, a need for an indoor herb garden is necessary.

If you are one of those thinking of getting the best hydroponic garden kit, then you need to read up the buyers guide below to get a good and satisfactory buy.


One of the most important factors that should inform your decision to buy a particular Aerogarden kit is the space it will require in your home. Most people prefer a compactor sized kit that will be ideal for the countertop to grow a variety of herbs & vegetables needed for various delicacies. If you prefer the same or otherwise, you will find just the one you desire as each of the models comes with various dimensions and sizes.

Plants Capacity

The Aerogarden kits for indoor growing of plenty of herbs, fruits, and veggies are made to contain and accommodate the varying number of kit pods and this is the number of plants that you can grow in the device. Be sure of how much of plants you need for the year round and choose the kit that fits your desire perfectly. Some can easily accommodate 9 pods, 7 pods, and even 6 pods while the smallest can only accommodate 3 pods.

Control and Automation

This is another very huge factor that must affect your shopping choice.

Control and Automation of Aerogarden

Most Aerogarden kits feature automated lighting and alerts for water and nutrients addition and some others only have auto lighting features without sending alerts for water and nutrients addition. The control panel is also to be considered as some have LCD displays with the intuitive touch screen control panel to make usage easy. Choose well as your choices here will further affect the cost and ease of operation.

Vertical Growth

It is very vital to be sure of the plants you plan to grow in your Aerogarden device so you can easily choose the kit with corresponding vertical growth space. Some types of plants like lemon grass may not be suitable for Aerogarden devices but most are suitable but you need to be sure of the space between the growing area and the led lighting above it with its adjustable hood. This will determine if you need 12 inches or 24 inches hood for upward or vertical growth height.

Look the AeroGarden Herb Plants growing in 35 days timelapse

Get the Proper Idea In details about the Aerogarden working system: How the AeroGarden Works

Reputable Brands for Hydroponic Kits
  • Aerogarden – This is undoubtedly the best and most successful brand that makes hydroponic kits. It is a brand known for its consistency on quality and functional products and it is currently leading the pace in the industry. Models made by Aerogarden include the Ultra Led kit, Sprout Led, Harvest, Extra Led and many more that feature various specifications for fresh plant growth.
  • Seed Pantry – This is another nice and quality brand that has been around for a while and accruing positive reviews on sold products. Seed Pantry has various models hydroponic kits meant to easily allow uses grow their favorite plants all year round. Its a brand you can trust for quality.
  • Ikea – This is an upcoming brand in the industry but its Krydda model has been doing so well in the market. With this popularity, Ikea stands a chance among the hydroponics manufacturing brands.

Aerogarden System

Frequently Asked Questions about hydroponic kits
Q: Are Veggies, herbs and fruits are grown in hydroponic kits safe for human health?
Ans: Many people are very concerned about their health an that’s very commendable. The need to eat safe and healthy food is what prompted the invention of hydroponic kits and despite the different approach used in planting, the veggies grown in hydroponics are safe for consumption.
Q: How do I go about using my own seed?
Ans: Most miracle grow Aerogarden and other kits manufactured by other brands include gourmet seeds to plant for set up. If you, however, desire to plant your own seed, it’s easy to do and you may ask support for further information.
Q: Are Gourmet seeds from GMO plants?
Ans: Only manufacturers can determine where the gourmet seeds are sourced from. However, most manufacturers do not use GMO based on the controversy as regards the technology.

In conclusion, based on the best Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Review, buyers guide, and other information provided above, it should be an easy task selecting and buying a perfect and fitting hydroponics kit for yourself. You must, however, be careful about which store you buy from because they are some dubious online stores with no good reputation. We are glad you have learned a lot from us as regards hydroponic kits. Kindly open other pages to learn much more about other important information.

However, buyers who want quality and good indoor vegetable grower need to have considerable knowledge of the Aerogarden series that perfectly suits their needs. We have prepared unbiased and trusted Aerogarden reviews about some of the Aerogarden devices for indoor vegetable and reading it through will really heal you choose well.

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  1. I bought the Aerogarden for my wife at Christmas. She was absolutely blown away by it. It came with the original herbs and spices which grew without issue. She loved the fact that she could have fresh basil and thyme to cook with whenever she wanted. However, a short few months later, we purchased the salsa package. Upon arrival, it was disappointing to say the least. Only tomatoes and jalapenos. No herbs or any other traditional salsa ingredients. We put the pods in place as directed. Firstly, only 5 out of the 6 actually grew. Secondly, for over 3 months these plants took over our counter. After 3 months, it only yielded 6 small green tomatoes and NO jalapenos. At this point we decided to just take the plants out, throw them away and scrap the whole thing. Now, this seemingly great gift for my wife sits, unused in our cabinet. Sincerely one of the more disappointing purchases we have made

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