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Top 5 AeroGarden Pods Reviews in 2021

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Have you ever fantasized about the possibility of having an all-year-round harvest of plants and vegetables in your garden?

Have you constantly worried about when to plant certain plants? Just because you are restricted by the natural factor: season and the weather.

Do you even know that soil is not the only way to grow plants? In fact, there are many more efficient ways.

Anyway, there’s no need to worry anymore. Hydroponic gardening is the solution: AeroGarden pods are here for you. When you think about it, hydroponic farming is useful in a gazillion ways.

Top 5 AeroGarden Pods Reviews

From allowing you to plant any time of the year, farm under controlled whether to let you keep what is planted under close watch. You see why everyone would like to do hydroponics, right? It’s that amazing and super useful!

#1. Aerogarden Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit(50-pack)

The Aerogarden Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit offers you a wide range of planting your favorite seeds in your garden. It avails you of the opportunity to grow plants like cucumber, sugar, peas, Rosemary and wildflowers.

  • With the Aerogarden Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit, you can grow and harvest any plant without being bothered about the season or the weather.
  • It’s an all year round package that affords you unlimited luxuries.
  • Whether you choose to grow and harvest your plants right from the aerogarden, or you decide to do an outdoor seedling transplant when the temperature is favorable and ideal for the crops, you are covered.
  • Your plants will grow under optimal and desirable conditions.
  • Your plants will germinate evenly, with the availability of sufficient light, air and water to make it survive harsh weather conditions.
  • Aerator is prone to leaks and clogs

#2. AeroGarden Grow Baskets (50 packs)

AeroGarden Grow Basket is another aerogarden tool designed to work simultaneously with AeroGarden Grow Sponges. It allows you grow your own seeds in an AeroGarden under a controlled weather and watchful eyes.

  • AeroGarden Grow Basket is compatible and works perfectly with AeroGarden Grow Sponges.
  • It allows for reliable and healthy growth of plants.
  • It is re-usable. Grow Basket can be used over and over, as long as it is well maintained.
  • It does an excellent job of keeping the plants hydrated and dark while germinating.
  • It is handy and flexible. AeroGarden Grow Basket is designed to fit into any AeroGarden.
  • Its moisture content allows for healthy root growth and development.
  • To re-use, wash and sanitize the basket with hot water and soap.
  • When re-using, Grow Basket might not achieve the same effect of keeping the seeds dark and hydrated while germinating.

#3. AeroGarden Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit (6 pod)

It is a special AeroGarden package designed to fit perfectly into all AeroGarden types.

  • It is compatible for all AeroGarden type.
  • It has excellent packages that aid plant growth like: patented specially formulated liquid nutrients, grow sponges, grow baskets, grow domes and a step-by-step instruction guide.
  • You can plant and grow your own seeds in your AeroGarden.
  • Your plants will grow in the most favorable AeroGarden conditions, with the supply of air, water and light.
  • With AeroGarden Grow anything Kit, you don’t have to worry about insufficient or lack of outdoor space. Just the countertop of your kitchen space can do an amazing job.
  • Its package doesn’t include seeds. You have to select or buy the seeds of your choice.

#4. AeroGarden Salad Greens Mix Seeds Pod Kit (6 pods)

Aerogarden salad greens mix is specially designed for lovers of leafy vegetables, flowers and fresh herbs.

  • The products are chemical free; without herbicides and pesticides.
  • Plants germinate for as fast as 7-14 days and are ready for harvest starting from after 4-8weeks.
  • The 6 pod salad greens mix also comes with packages that aid optimal growth and healthy plant development.
  • Enjoy fresh and delicious vegetables throughout the year.
  • Plant foods rich in vitamins such as calcium, magnesium and iron
  • An explanatory and extensive user manual guide.
  • Lack of outdoor or insufficient outdoor space is not a barrier at all.
  • Plants are under controlled temperature and weather conditions.
  • There is a limited variety of what vegetables can be planted with the seed pods

#5. AeroGarden Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit(7 pods)

It has Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Chives, Mint, Thyme, Curly Parsley and all seeds pods. The kit also comes with a specially formulated liquid food plant that allows the plants to grow healthily and develop bountifully.

  • Consistent and timely moisture channels for fast, reliable germination and root development.
  • Patented specially formulated vitamin-packed plant food containing magnesium, iron and calcium.
  • Gourmet kits come with everything they need to grow and germinate well.
  • It can work in all AeroGardens.
  • It’s natural: No herbicides. No pesticides.
  • Enjoy fresh and delicious all year round delicacies with aerogarden gourmet culinary classics.
  • Grow domes for quick and optimal seed germination.
  • Contionous harvest of as long as six months.
  • There’s limit to the amount of plants that can be grown at a time.
  • Reservoirs must be drained from time to time for optimal growth.

AeroGarden Pods Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best quality for any product, without prior knowledge can be a great challenge. It requires asking the right questions and knowing what to look out for when choosing. If you are a hydroponic grower, you need to look for the very best plant nutrients for your plants.

When thinking about hydroponic gardening, here are what you should look out for

  1. Choose a hydroponic system that fits your space and growing style. When it comes to hydroponic gardening, individual preference always plays out. Put into consideration, your space, and the growing style you would like to adopt. There are many options available. Nevertheless, this is totally dependent on how large you want your garden to be.
  2. Always check out for the most suitable products for your plants. The most expensive one might not be the best or most suitable. There are mainly two types of hydroponic gardening: ebb and flow and deep water culture. If you are growing plants that love is favorable to dry weather conditions, Aerogarden’s ebb and flow products will be a perfect choice. However, I’d recommend the AeroGarden deep water culture for beginners, as it doesn’t require technical know-how.
  3. Ensure to buy the right container size that will conveniently house your plants. And how do you do this? Know the specific plants that you will be planting in the container.
  4. Go for an expandable hydroponic kit. This is preferable because, you know, your garden might get bigger, and there might be a need for expansion.
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about the hydroponics gardening system

I am a vegetarian. What kind of hydroponic gardening kit would you recommend for me?
Ans: There’s a specially designed AeroGarden kit for vegetarians, it’s called AeroGarden salad greens mix seed pod kit. You can grow leafy vegetables, flowers and fresh herbs.
Are there restrictions to what I can grow with the kits?
Ans: With Aerogarden Grow Anything Kit, you have the luxury of growing your favorite plants and seeds. Fruits, flowers and vegetables.
Are AeroGarden products organic or synthetic?
Ans: Aerogarden is one of the few trusted hydroponic gardening companies when it’s about the quality of what we offer our clients. Our products are organics. We produce a pure breed organic product from highly trusted and tested suppliers.
Can I use seeds from my own collections?
Ans: Definitely! As a matter of fact, it’s thrilling watching in fascination how your own seeds sprout. Some of the seed pod kits don’t come with seeds, so, you have the chance to plant your favorite seeds. However, make sure the seed is good and viable, as bad plants won’t sprout.
Trustworthy AeroGarden Pods Brand
  • If you are looking for a growing kit that affords you the luxury of planting the seeds of your choice, we recommend Aerogarden Grow Anything Kit(6 pods). With AeroGarden Grow Anything, indoor gardening is made fun and easy!
  • Aerogarden Salad Greens Seeds Pod Kit. For veggies, this can’t get any better! We recommend Aerogarden salad greens seed pod kits for Its overall quality, ease of use and attached excellent packages.
  • Aerogarden Grow Baskets. For optimal plant growth, flexibility and handiness, We recommend AeroGarden Grow Baskets. They keep your plant hydrated and let it germinate healthily, resulting in bountiful harvests. They can be used for more than one growing season: they are re-usable.
  • Aerogarden Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit. We recommend the aerogarden Gourmet Herb seed pod kit for Its exquisite cuisine and classic provisions. It has everything it needs to germinate well and specially designed packages for optimal and desirable growth. It’s herbicides and pesticides free.

Hydroponics is a system that affords you the luxury of planting any seed of your choice, regardless of time and season. It saves time and energy, compared to the traditional system of growing in the soil.

It puts you in charge of your plants. You do your gardening under a controlled environment and you decide what and when to do next with your plants.

Indoor farming can’t get any simpler than this! For healthy and happy growing, invest in hydroponic farming. For healthier and more productive hydroponic growing, we recommend AeroGarden!

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