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13 Lawn Mower FAQ and Answer That You Should Know

These days, rather than invest a lot of money in the services of landscapers and landscaping companies, many people prefer to mow their own lawns and spend time improving their own environment in their own way and on their own time.

They do this by investing rather in lawnmowers. This offers a couple of advantages: the physical exercise it gives them, and the simple pleasure of making something beautiful.

The 13 Lawn Mower Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

But with most equipment, questions often arise as to the use and utilization of these lawn mowers. If you are a homeowner, and possess a lawnmower, here are a few questions you might have asked yourself or others about your lawnmower, and here are the answers to them:


What is a lawnmower?
Ans: It is a machine that is used in cutting or mowing down blades of grass.
Who invented the lawnmower?
Ans: Edwin Beard Budding
When do I replace lawn mower blade?
Ans: Change the blades when they are no longer sharp. Check our guide on using car oil in a lawnmower.
Where can I sharpen my lawnmower blade?
Ans: Any convenience store or lawnmower retailer that offers lawnmower maintenance around you.
When do I change the lawnmower oil?
Ans: Whenever the manual tells you to. Sometimes, it may be every two weeks or every month.
Can I use car oil in a lawn mower?
Ans: Yes. Check our guide on using car oil in a lawnmower.
What types of lawnmowers are there?
Ans: Based on their operation, there are several kinds of lawnmowers. Included among these are the electric lawnmower, the reel lawnmower, the self-propelled, the riding lawn mower,  the zero turn lawnmower, and Mulching Mower.
How are they different from each other?
Ans: The basic difference between these lawnmowers is the way they are run, and the way they start. The electric lawnmower runs on an electric motor, obviously. The reel lawnmowers are pushed by hand; and the self-propelled lawn mower pushes or propels itself and the only influence the operator exerts on it is to control the direction of the lawnmower.
What is the cost of a lawnmower?
Ans: There is no category of lawn mower that has a fixed cost. Depending on who makes it, and what features it possesses, the cost of a lawnmower can be anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Different manufacturers place different cost prices on their mowers. But on average, robotic electric mowers are much more expensive than other types of lawnmowers. Zero turn lawnmowers are also more expensive.
How tall a field of grass can lawnmowers cut?
Ans: Most lawnmowers are equipped for cutting long grass, as they have features that allow you to select the height of the grass to be own. It is however best to look around and find lawnmowers that are specifically designed towards cutting long grasses. Otherwise, if the grasses are too tall, like knee-length or above, a tractor lawn mower would be more effective.
Are lawn mowers dangerous?
Ans: Any device that is not utilized properly in the way that it is intended can be potentially dangerous. Generally, though, lawnmowers pose the risk of as much danger as a kitchen knife would. When using lawnmowers, however, several safety measures have to be observed when using a lawnmower, especially an electric lawnmower.
What safety measures should I observe when using lawn mowers?
Ans: Chief among the safety measures to be put in place when using a lawnmower is the fact that the lawnmower should only be used for the sole purpose for which it is intended. Electric lawn mowers, especially the corded ones, should never, under any circumstances be used in the rain. Mowing should also be done in the opposite direction of the cord, to avoid accidentally mowing the electric cord with the grass.
Why does my lawn mower not start?
Ans: Depending on the type of lawn mower you use; a lot of factors may be responsible for your lawn mower not starting. A gas-powered lawn mower may be out of gas, have a weak battery or be short on oil. A corded electric lawn mower may have a bad connection to the electric socket, or the extension cord may be out of order. A self-propelled lawn mower may have a faulty recoil cord; and cordless electric lawn mower may have a bad battery or a poor connection between the motor and the lawn mower. If the issues are such that you cannot fix them by yourself, employ the services of a professional.
Can my lawnmower mow wet grass?
Ans: While most lawnmowers have blades that are equipped to mow wet grass, it is really not advisable to do so. This is because it does get a little harder to mow wet grass than it is to mow dry grass. When the lawn is wet, the grasses stick together, in addition, mowing wet grass may cause damage to the already wet soil. It is better than to wait until the lawn is less saturated with water before using the lawnmower on it.

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